Here’s How to Access the List Twitter Uses to Personalize Your Feed


I guess everyone is wondering what Twitter knows or thinks it knows about them at one time or another. The social network would keep tabs on your online activities, but thankfully there is an easy way to find out.

Twitter creates a unique ‘inferred interests’ dossier on all of its users, some of which are gotten from your Twitter activity, like which accounts you engage with or follow. There is also an ‘interests from partners’ dossier, which constitutes categories that advertisers have to put you based on the data they have collected from twitter.

These lists are the company’s best guesses’ about everything from your favourite TV shows to foods, to which sports teams you cheer for.

How to find your Twitter interests

Finding out which categories you have been sorted into is more comfortable than the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts, all you need to do is to open your twitter settings and click on “your Twitter data.” it is down close to the bottom, above Accessibility.

Users have been able to access the ‘inferred interests’ data for about a year now, but for some reasons, it has resurfaced this week with users Tweeting out their lists of interests.

How accurate is it?

I went to have a sneak peek at mine in the name of curiosity, and it was a mix of ‘sure, that fits’ and ‘wtf,’ without much in-between.

Twitter Interests

I mean I did follow Ice-T some time ago until I recently cut down my follow list, but to think that I like Law & Order: SVU so much that it needs to be on the list five times.

However, I’m pretty confused by the ‘dogs’ entry as i do not have any pets, but most of the rest is pretty on-brand.

There is also an “Interest from Partners” list

The “interest from partners” list entries are even far from reality. To access yours, click this link.


I am not sure why twitter thinks I need so much Air Wick, although it did tell me that there is a Dollar General near me that I didn’t know about so maybe I should go stock up.

Did you eventually check the interests? Were you surprised by what you found? Let’s know what you think in the comments section below.


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