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Here’s Why You Can’t Quickly Recover After Round One

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You know that feeling when you’re not physically able to go for round two after having one great round of sex because your penis refuses to go erect again? Well, there’s a scientific word for it, and it’s called “‘Refractory period’.

What is the Refractory period and why do guys experience it?

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A refractory period is the time after ejaculation when a man is no longer able to have an erection. After ejaculation, the level of testosterone and dopamine in your body drops and a new hormone called ‘Proclatin’ is released thus causing your body to relax.

Unlike men, women have shorter or no refractory period at all as they were created to be multi-orgasmic – that is, they could experience orgasms after another, after another. But just because they can, it doesn’t mean they would love to.

Your partner might be ultra-sensitive after climax, so it’s necessary to check in to make sure your partner is ready for a second round before going further.

How long does a refractory period last?

The refractory period is entirely different for every man; some could take up to 30 minutes or less, others could take up to an hour, a couple of hours or even a day.

Other factors influencing the length of a refractory period include age, hormones, how much stimulation you get in between sessions and overall health.

Studies have shown that teenagers can take some minutes to recuperate while men in their 30s and 40s could take from 30 – 60 minutes or even longer.

How to shorten your Refractory period?

Scientifically speaking, there is not much you can do to reduce or completely erase your refractory period( you can’t fight with nature bro). And it is a good idea to allow your body to rest but if you want to swing back into action, here are a few tips you can try to shorten your refractory period.

Increasing arousal:

Increasing arousal is the quickest way to swing back into action. It includes doing something different such as talking dirty (or dirtier than usual) or trying out a toy. Even little changes to your normal routine could create enough excitement to rev up your engine for a second round.

Working out:

Regularly hitting the gym could also help to reduce your refractory period. The fitter you are, the better your hormones will be able to modulate themselves.

Extra Tips

Though they may not be FDA-regulated, some supplements claim they can help get you harder, faster. Though, you should be very wary of them as there are no reliable scientific backings to their claims. Toys such as cock rings or manual penile pumps could help fast-track the process.

Just in case your partner wants to go for round 2, there are other ways you can explore to get her off which in turn will help you get ready for round two. Guys don’t need an erection to arouse their partners as long as they have hands and fingers he is fully equipped to keep the party going.

Emmanuel Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuel Eguono is a mass communicator and fashion designer. When he is not behind a laptop screen or on a sewing machine, he spends his time netflixing and swimming.

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