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15 Hollywood Stars Who You Didn’t Know Are From Nigeria


When you watch Hollywood movies with black actors and actresses, we often just see them African-Americans. You might be correct sometimes, but some of them are pure Africans or mixed.

In this article, you will be meeting some of your favourite black Hollywood stars who are not just Africans but Nigerians. These stars have climbed to the apex of their careers in the entertainment industry, but people never bother to find out their roots.

Many black celebs that were born outside Africa and had no idea what their African origin was to have had to do DNA tests to discover their African roots and the results were terrific.


15. Forest Whitaker

Whitaker is one of the most familiar faces you can think of when it comes to black actors in Hollywood. Popularly known for his role as Idi Amin of Uganda, Whitaker is one of the blacks who discovered his African roots and traced it back to the Igbo land in Nigeria. Forests ancestors were from the Nkwere village in Imo state, eastern Nigeria and when the actor went to visit the Nkwere people, his roots were confirmed. The ghost dog actor was given an honorary chieftaincy title of “Nwannedinambe de Nkwerre” during his visit to his village.

Chief Ayiama-Osigwe explained that  “Nwannedinambe de Nkwerre” means a brother in a foreign land, and because Forest was able to trace his origin back to the village, he deserved to be honoured with a title. Other movies Forest Whitaker has starred in include American gun, Phonebooth, Panic room, Phenomenon, Bird, Battlefield Earth, and the way of the samurai.