How Likely Are You to Poop During Anal Sex?

Anal Sex

Sex is one of the basic things we have but the problem comes in when you do the same thing over and over again. When talking about sex, you are supposed to spice it up so that both of you can enjoy.

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The anus is probably one of the most sensitive parts in a human body but usually overlooked and the best way to experience another sex life is by anal sex. However, many people especially those trying it for the first time ask, can I poop during the act? Well, the bitter truth is that it’s possible but there are things you can do to make it less messy.

First things first, to say something about anal sex, a sex toy or a penis gets into your asshole and therefore, its common to fear that you could poop.

According to Lauren Streicher, M.D., Medical Director of the North-western Medicine center for Sexual medicine and menopause, when having a stool in the rectum, any stimulation in the rectum increases the chances experiencing bowel movement.

She adds that pooping during anal sex makes the experience even more pleasurable as it stimulates and contracts your pelvic floor. According to Alayne Markland, D.O., who is also an associate professor at the University of Alabama Medicine, weak anal sphincter muscles also contribute to pooping during anal sex.

How to prevent pooping during anal sex?

Anal sex could be so sweet, and you’d probably be ashamed if you poop in the process. If you want to prevent this, sexologist Juliet Allen, M.A recommends not having anal sex when you are about to poo and try to empty your pipes before the act.

She also advises you to avoid spicy and fatty foods as they increase chances of pooping during anal sex. During the act, it’s recommendable to try shallower penetration as this is a sure way of reducing the risk of pooping.

However, if your partner’s penis has a large head, be prepared as it’s likely to take poop out with it. If you have weak sphincter muscles, you can prevent pooping during anal sex by doing Kegels on regular occasions as this will strengthen your muscles.

Why you feel like pooping during anal sex?

Allen says that you are likely to feel like pooping during anal sex because the penetration makes your anal muscles to move in the same way they move during the bowel movement. Streicher confirms that even if you have nothing in there, you could get the sensation without the poop coming out.

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What to do when it happens?

When planning to engage in anal sex, you must understand and be ready for the consequences. During vaginal sex, you expect a fluid to come out of her vagina but when doing it from behind, be ready when things get out of hand.

If you both enjoy the penetration, don’t be embarrassed when you poop but take his hands and head to the bathroom to wash the mess together.

According to Markland, you should be proud to try the sexual practice you enjoy regardless of the consequences.

Allen confirms that choosing the right partner to have anal sex with is a great way to enjoy and when things get messy, both of you will have a reason to look at each other, put a smile on your faces and say that the experience was amazing.

Final thoughts

Sex is always a beautiful experience when done right and with the right person. As always, doing the same thing over and over again leads to boredom.

If you’d like to keep your marital life active, try incorporating different things and styles in your sexual life and one of them is trying anal sex. However, it goes without saying that things could get messier during the penetration and you can leak out.

Both of you should be prepared for this and when it happens, you should be glad the penetration was a success and head to the bathroom together to wash off. At the end of the day, you will be glad you spiced up your sexual life and wish your partner is always there with you for more penetration.

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