How to add Custom post type to WordPress feed


Few days ago I was working on this music site with custom post type for Artist, music, videos, events and lots more. Since I will not be using the wordpress posts type I set out to look for a way i can add Custom post type to WordPress feed and behold I found one which worked for me and i will be sharing this with you.

The reason I wanted to add the custom posts type to my main feed is because this will enable me share the post on various social media sites automatically so the client have to concentrate on posting.

How to use the snippet

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on Appearance then editor
  3. Locate the function.php file, click on it then at the end of the file paste the below snippet, this will enable every published item in each post type to be added to your feed link a normal blog post.

[wpgist id=”3ada920c0e6d41051405″]

  1. Replace the below text with your own custom post type names.

[wpgist id=”e95d59ac700bee10eea8″]

Let me know how it worked out for you


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