How to Be Happy: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

In a world full of sadness, being happy is usually overrated. Most people tend to tie happiness to big and abstract ideas, which is nothing but a lucid dream.

Moreover, this is the main reason why most people may never find happiness in their lifetime. They see it as an absolution, like a euphoria they have to get, which will make it an overly debilitating endeavor.

Furthermore, being happy is more of a choice than a feeling. As inferred from the book by Mark Manson, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu**k,”; To be happy, you have to understand that the world is f**ked up, and it’s alright.

Beneath are some things you need to stop doing and believing to be happy and satisfied with yourself.

Stop trying to please everyone

As it is impossible to escape a black hole, it is also impossible to please everyone. If you are a people pleaser, you may have subconsciously tied your happiness to making everyone happy. This may be a good and desirable trait. But there should be a line to which it is done. Do not please anyone by displeasing yourself. That’s just plain dumb and will live you feeling empty now and then.

Don’t put your happiness in achievement

The thing about achievement is; it feels good for a while. But soon after, every satisfaction it brings soon fades away. If you put your happiness in achievement, you subconsciously put pressure on yourself, which will leave you feeling worthless each time you don’t succeed at a task imposed on you. Nonetheless, you should always work as it is necessary to you.

It’s alright to fail

Failing shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. See failing like you don’t know enough ‘yet’ to succeed. Every time you fail, treat it like a step to success. After all, you have to be in the right frame of mind to succeed. To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to be happy.

Treat yourself with respect

The best way to find inner peace is to treat yourself with respect. You can’t take care of what you don’t respect. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Doing this builds a mindset that will make you a strong self-dependent person.

No one is made to complete you

One of the most significant lies told is, “someday you will find that person that will complete you.” What a sham!!!

You should get rid of that heretic hypothesis because you will never find a person that will complete you the way the movies imply it. Life is not a fantasy. The earlier you realize that the less disappointed you will feel when you find the love of your life.

You don’t always have to be right

Being right is not always a good thing; there are times that you have to swallow your pride and admit you are wrong even when you are right. If you are always right, then there is something wrong with you. Not every argument is meant to be won.

The truth be told, that idea of happiness we have in our heads is not achievable. No one is that happy despite what they say or what social media lead us to believe. These other articles explain better: why am I not attractive to good men, and six practical steps to be an attractive guy.

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