How to Become an Independent Woman?

Independent Woman

How to become an independent woman has raved society, especially the social media sphere; we all have different opinions on who is an independent woman.

Some have ideas portrayed in the movies, and others are influenced by the bitter experiences they’ve encountered during one or some of their relationships that ended badly.

Nonetheless, we are going to take things slowly and calmly to ensure we pass the right message without hurting anyone’s ego.

But first, let us look at the definition of an independent woman;

Who is an independent woman?

The word “Independent” has many definitions in the dictionary. According to the Cambridge dictionary, independent means to be free from outside control; not subject to other’s authority. It also means not depending on another for livelihood or substance. However, when you add “woman” to the word- it means a woman who is free from outside control, a lady who is not subject to another’s authority. She does not depend on another for livelihood or substance.

This is where some women get it wrong; they feel a man should not rule an independent woman, she is a woman on her own, no man can tell her what to do or what not to do. If we go by this literal definition, it means an independent woman should not accept a job owned by a man; as a matter of fact, nobody has the right to tell her what or what not to do, even for her benefit. If you are a woman, and you still think this way, it will be better for you to check a previous article- restructuring the mindset of today’s woman. You will thank me later.

How to become an independent woman is easy when you know the true definition of an independent woman.

By nature, the female and male species are different; they behave differently, think, talk, and act differently. The female is created to be a helper- before you give me that “say what now” face, listen to this. For you to be a helper, means you can help yourself and strong enough to help someone else too. We are created to complement each other and not to compete with the men. We are here to fill the gaps. Now for you to fill the gaps, you should know the sentences and what they are intended for. This leads to the question- how do I become an independent woman.

An independent woman is knowledgeable

You must be intelligent and well-informed; be eager to learn as you grow. Yes, celebrate past success, but do not stop there. Keep pushing, keep growing, you know why? Because you are going to help a lot of people 🙂

As a woman, you need to know something about everything- just because it is not your major does not mean you shouldn’t know anything about it. Try to see things from different perspectives, genuinely listen to what the person is saying, then learn from it.

A lady who is teachable

Contrary to popular belief, an independent woman is not a bit*ch; she is not unapologetic. In fact, she is the opposite. When you refuse to listen to people’s opinions, you may end up falling into a ditch, and no one will help you out because you portrayed yourself as the “all-knowing.” When someone corrects you, do not spite the person, thank him, and ask how you can make it better. When you are too rigid or not teachable as a single, it is difficult to attract good men. (for those who are looking forward to raising kids with their husbands) 😉

Be smart and hardworking

It is funny when I hear some girls term a guy “broke-ass” just because he couldn’t provide what they couldn’t get for themselves. Ladies listen if you want to get a pair of new shoes, a bag, or pay some bills, be ready to work for it. It is as simple as that- no guy, no matter how wealthy he is, will want to live with someone who cannot “survive” without them.

Get busy with work; do not wait for Mr. Right to come to rescue you from your predicaments. Okay, if someone is willing to help you clear some bills, it’s all good, but don’t just sit and do nothing. There is dignity in labor

Be contented

Yes, we all know human wants are insatiable; but we should cultivate the habit of contentment. It does not mean you should not be eager to grow or have more. Contentment means being happy, satisfied with what you have while working for more. When you are contented with what you have, you won’t fall prey.

I once met a lady who was never happy with what she had. She wanted the latest and the best, even if her bank account is screaming red. She owed a lot of money just to keep up with her “friends.” She eventually ran out of money, and you guessed right. None of her friends were willing to help her. My point is, just “do you” life is in phases men or in this case women are in sizes.

Know when to be rigid or flexible

To yourself, an independent woman means you can make some difficult decisions with or without the consent of anyone. However, it is wise to know when to be rigid and be flexible. It is good to make rules and abide by them, but life is not black and white, you may encounter some grey areas. So it is best when you know to cut someone’s slacks and when to tighten your grip.

I would have loved to write more, but I know you’ve got the points. So stay true to yourself, and keep learning. Remember, the men around you are not your competitors, so stop seeing them as the problem, and help each other to become better people.

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