How to Check Your Bra Size at Home?

Bra Size

Ever bought a bra and noticed it was too small or too big? One everyday dressing issue women face today is not knowing their bra sizes.

If you like to wear a bra, be sure to shop around for one that fits well and is comfortable to wear as well.

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly can harm your health. An ill-fitting harness, for example, might cause skin irritation.

Wearing a bra that doesn’t provide enough support might lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain.

People are less likely to engage in physical exercise if their bra does not fit properly. Your bra also has an impact on how well your dress fit.

This can either make you feel terrific about your appearance or make you feel self-conscious.

Bra size is the most important thing you should look out for before getting a bra. It gives you an edge, especially when you’re about to purchase a bra or when you want to get dressed.

In this article, you’ll learn how to check your bra size to enhance your dressing.

 How to Check Bra Size?

The reason why you should measure your bra size is to know your perfect bra size. According to studies, 85 percent of women wear the wrong bra size because of their age, nutrition, or exercise.

To determine your bra size follows the instructions shown here:

 A. Band Measurement (underbust)

To begin, measure your chest, just below your bra straps. Snugly but not overly tighten the measuring tape.

Alternatively, you can measure from the middle of your chest to your spine, where the bra band rests, under your remaining breasts.

Then multiply that by two. It’s time to take your “underbust” measurement. Example Band measurement: The measurement is 31″, or 15½” x 2 = 31″ Band measurement is 31 inches.

B. Cup Measurement (overbust)

Take a tape measure around your breasts to the largest point (diagram B). Alternatively, you might measure from the center of your chest to the center of your spine over the entire region of your remaining breast.

More than twice as much. This is your cup measurement or overbust measurement.

Example of Cup measurement: The measurement is 37″, or 18½” x 2 = 37″ Cup measurement is 37 inches. Bra size: 31 inches underbust and 37 inches overbust, gives a bra size of 36B.

Different Bra Measurement Systems

There are two standard systems to measure bra sizes; alphanumeric and letters. Here is an overview of how these systems work.

1. Bra Measurement in Alphanumeric

Bras are usually measured in numbers and letters. The numeral denotes the size of your rib cage, while the letter indicates the difference between the bust size and the rib cage size. Examples;28c,34d, etc

The cup size is tagged “A” when the band and bust measurement difference is 1. If the difference between band and bust is 2, then your cup size is B, and so on. The higher the number, the higher the letter.

2. Bra Measurement in Letters

The measurement of brain only letters is quite different and most times not preferred. The letters are dependent on the brand of bra producers and also depend on their requirements. A typical example is the S, L, M, XL measurement.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bra 

  1. Ensure to check your bra size every 3-6 months.
  2. Your bra straps shouldn’t be too loose or tight. It should be adjustable.
  3. Your bra band should rest flat on your body without being too tight.
  4. Your cups should adequately cover your breasts from front to sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which breast size is the smallest?

Although the A cup is generally considered the smallest available, it may still be too large for some women, and a smaller band size will not help. AA or AAA cups are the only ones that will fit your body type correctly.

How do I know my cup size?

The more significant number is your bust measurement, so subtract it from this number to get your band size. This number indicates your cup size. An AA cup is defined by the same bust and band measurements.

Which type of bra is best?

If you’re looking for extra support, an underwire bra may be your best bet; they’re well-known for their ability to keep you in place. Breasts that are larger and fuller. When it comes to underwires, some people find them irritating, so if you don’t need them, you may want to avoid them.

Is 40b bra size big?

A-C cup on a 40 back is the same size as a 34E on a 34E back. So no, it’s not a large cup size, but rather a large band size, which is probably incorrect. A lot of the time. When it comes to tops, it’s common for women wearing a size 40 back bra to be between the sizes of 16 and 18.

How do I know my cup size?

The more significant number is your bust measurement, so subtract it from this number to get your band size. This number represents your cup size. An AA cup is defined by the same bust and band measurements.


Finding the perfect bra for you depends on your bust. For several women, their breasts only take a change when they are pregnant or breastfeeding. When your breast undergoes such a change, you’d require a different type of bra.

Understanding the nature of your breasts and the kind of bra to wear is essential. This guide provides information to help you determine your bra size, enhance your body’s looks, and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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