How to Delete Google+ Page


Few days ago I was searching for a tutorial on how to delete Google+ page then I found this simple and easy step which I would like to share with you.

Why I wanted to delete the Pages is because, I am no longer using it and its kinda occupying lots of space and I only want to focus on 2 blogs. Below are the steps you will need to delete unwanted Google+ page.

Google+ Page


Delete Google+ Page

To delete a page you own:

1. Make sure you’re using Google+ as your page.

Dashboard   Google

2. Choose Dashboard from the left-hand Google+ navigation menu and select Settings from the top of the Dashboard.

3. Click Delete page at the bottom of the settings page.


That is all, now you have successfully deleted your Google+ page

NOTE: Only page owner can delete a Google+ page. When you delete a page, everything will be deleted: all the contents, photos, videos, the page’s profile, and any record of who followed or managed the page. Also before you can delete this page, you will need to disconnect or delete any YouTube channels connected to it.

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