How to Find the Right Hires in the New Year

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As the new year makes its presence known, it marks the time to review your business plans for the future and bring them to fruition.

If you are anything like your peers, these objectives might include the expansion of your business operations during 2022.

Since the scale of your venture is directly correlated to the size of your team, this also calls for hiring new employees for your business.

It not only provides you with a larger workforce but also gives you the strength you need to extend your business’ outreach.

To support you through this important journey, here’s how you can find the right hires in the new year.

Identify Your Own Requirements

Before you start the process of hiring people, it is important to pause and assess your own needs for your team’s expansion.

By taking a look at your current activities, persistent issues, and possible solutions, you can understand exactly how your specifications can be met through a larger team.

Besides helping you determine your expectations for your new team, this also contributes to tips for managing your current workforce.

From there, you can decide your budget for hiring your new team and start the process of finding the right candidates through resume filtering and identity check.

This ensures that you are only hiring people that you actually need, which takes care of your budget as well as long term goals.

Screen Existing Resumes

With a large variety of workers quitting their jobs in 2021, many employers have also started to receive job applications from new candidates.

If you have a company email address to accept these applications, the collection of submitted resumes might be an excellent starting point to find your ideal employees.

Ideally, you can enlist a recruiter to help with the process. But you can also screen the resumes by yourself first.

Similar to an employee aptitude test app, resume screening tools provide near-instant results against the submitted data.

Through these solutions, you can filter out any resumes with cookie-cutter sentences or find applications that have your required keywords in them.

This saves you from a world of manual effort in the long run.

Draft a Job Posting

In case existing resumes are not working for you, you can also draft a new job post for the specific role you want to fill.

You can publish this post on an online staffing platform and wait for the applications to roll in. This allows you to reach out to interested candidates who are actively looking for jobs within the new year.

While drafting this job post, make sure that you are being coherent, straightforward, and positive about offering the opportunity.

Similar to student research apps, you can use business writing applications to make your job post clearer yet more engaging.

This helps prevent any confusion and allows you to appeal to star candidates.

Conduct Detailed Interviews

Once you have shortlisted a few candidates, you don’t immediately have to call them in for an in-person interview.

In case you are hiring remote employees for your venture, you actually don’t need to have an in-person discussion at all.

In both cases, you can turn to a video interview app that could schedule, manage, and streamline the interview process.

After you have gone through the initial interview, you can decide whether to have an in-person discussion, move forward with the hiring, or continue with your search.

Through an informed decision making process, you can meet your next star employee in practically no time at all.

This ensures that you can hire as many people as you can afford for your business, but without stretching your current resources thin.

These suggestions allow you to discover the right talent in a timely manner. In turn, you can fulfill your goal of expanding your workforce within the new year.

If you can afford an external recruiter, you can go for that option. Otherwise, making use of targeted services and applications can work wonders towards your required comfort.

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