How to Get Reading Mode on Any Android Device


The OnePlus 5 which debuted a ton of features that were built into it. For One Plus devices, although a handful of them, have a lot of features built into them that have become a staple for others to imitate. The Reading Mode which was launched with One Plus 5 is a feature that makes the whole device optimised for reading.

Reading Mode App

The bluish light tint, the grayscale mapping and all the other tiny details that are designed to do reading on the Android device an experience that is much more pleasant. While this feature is built into the device, there are other ways to get them or simulate the Reading Mode on other android devices apart from the One Plus devices.

Below are the various ways you can either simulate or get the Reading Mode on your devices:

Developer Options

a) Enable ‘Developer Options‘ on your Android device before proceeding with this option.

b) To enable Developer Option, go to the Android Settings, find About Phone Settings and then in the next screen, continuously click on the Build Number 7-8 times.

c) After enabling the Developer Option, look for the option called ‘Simulate colour space’ settings. Click on it and then choose Monochromacy as your preference. This, in turn, will enable your device to achieve the grayscale effect which is identical to the one you get in the ‘Reading Mode’ on One Plus 5. The can also be disabled in the same way.

Google Chrome

a) Launch your Google Chrome browser on your Android device and then go to the URL bar and enter:


b) What you need to do next is to search for the Reader Mode trigger. Locate and open the Find option and search for it. When you are done, set it to “Always.

Relaunch your browser, and you will see the following message “Make page mobile friendly” at the bottom of the webpage. Then tap on it to open the webpage in Reader Mode.

A third-party app like Twilight can also be used to achieve a similar effect as found in Reading Mode.

Chrome’s Accessibility Settings

If you can’t, find the Reading Mode trigger by any chance, then proceed to use Chrome’s Accessibility settings to enable the Reader Mode. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to have any third-party app to use it.

a) Your Chrome browser must have been updated to the latest version. It can be done through the Play Store.

b) Launch your Google Chrome browser on Android and then click on the three-dotted menu and then choose Accessibility.

c) Enable the “Simplified View” option under Accessibility settings.

d) Henceforth, when you visit any webpage that supports the simplified view, you will be able to choose from Dark, Light, and Sepia. And if you want reading mode, you will have to choose ‘Sepia.’

Automatically the Google Chrome browser will activate simplified view on the supporting web pages. Users will also be able to get an option called Appearance under the Chrome menu, and you can adjust the colour filter from here.

You can also make use of several third-party tools which are also available on the Play Store to get a Reading Mode just like the one found on the One Plus 5.


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