How to Grow Longer and Thicker Hair in 30 Days?

Longer and Thicker Hair
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Almost every female is obsessed with longer and thicker hair, especially since it gives our face an essential makeover.

Human hair grows between 0.3 to 0.5 mm each day, according to science. It can grow from 1 to 1.5 cm in a month and 12 to 15 cm in a year.

Hair has also been recorded as the second fastest growing tissue. Nonetheless, we are all still faced with one issue or another when it comes to our hair.

Below is a list of methods you can adopt, to not only strengthen your hair but to also make it grow longer and faster;

1. Make use of your scissors

It might seem like a bad idea to get scissors close to your hair, especially since the primary focus is to let the hair grow. Nonetheless, we’ve been advised that trimming the hair on a regular basis helps the hair to grow out.

The broken split ends of your hair are only affected when you trim it with scissors. It also helps to maintain the health of your hair and gives it a radiating fuller look.

You can have someone ( a hairdresser) help you trim your hair if you are worried you might damage it.

2. Don’t ditch your conditioner

First of all, there’s a popular belief about how long conditioners should be left on your hair for, but that isn’t true. Hair conditioner, against public opinions, has quick effects that are beneficial to the health of your hair.

Asides that, conditioning your hair also saves it from towel damage caused by wrapping wet hair in towels.

Conditioner isn’t limited to some types of particular types of hair. It is essential you maintain the health of your hair, no matter the type.

3. Use some magic ingredients

Directly applying some ingredients on your scalp and hair is also advisable. Applying apple cider vinegar, shikakai, onion and garlic juice, gooseberries and coconut milk nourishes and improves hair growth.

They help with the growth of your hair, as well as with the overall health of your hair and scalp.

A trick you need to know: If you only see beer as a drink you need to drink then you need to think again. Try boiling a bottle of beer, add your regular shampoo and wash your hair with the combination.

You can wash your hair with beer and shampoo twice or trice a week, and watch the magic happen to your hair. Shampoo and beer not only helps in the removal of all kinds of hair impurities but also act as a good conditioner.

4. The weekly nourishment of oiling and masking

You should religiously make hair oiling and masking a weekly routine. This is very vital if your goal is to boost hair growth.

This also lets your hair collect essential fats, which gives the hair a healthy shiny look. You could apply oil to damp hair, helping you shampoo the oil off your hair thoroughly.

If you don’t have the time to go to the spa, you could use ingredients like onion juice, olive oil, lemon, avocado and honey to make a hair mask.

5. Change your cotton pillowcases for silky ones

This is a very effective change to help with the growth of your hair. It is best to switch from cotton pillowcases to satin or silk fabrics. This is because satin and silk fabrics are softer and more tender than cotton fabrics.

They also don’t cause friction as cotton fabrics do, which causes fewer hair tangles. You are less likely to experience hair breakage when you use satin or silk fabric.

6. The right way to dry your hair after washing it

The softness of your towel isn’t a factor; it would always cause damage to your damp delicate hair. Women are in the habit of wrapping their hair after they wash it.

This isn’t the best option as it can contribute to damaging your hair strands while tangled in the fibres of your towel.

If you really want your hair to grow longer and thicker, then you need to avoid using hair heating tools such as hair dryers, curlers and straighteners.

Any source of heat can cause damage to your hair. You could use hair dryers after you let your hair dry on its own (naturally). You are also advised to use hair protection spray on your hair just before using hair dryers.

7. Your hair needs to breath

Due to our busy schedules and hours spent outdoors, we are forced to use several products on our hair. This products/things weakens our hair in ways we can’t imagine.

If you are working towards growing longer and thicker hair, then it is crucial that you don’t tie your hair back too tight.

Tying your hair back too tight can cause breakage and splits, not to mention headaches and discomfort. You could also contact microbial infections which can stunt the growth of your hair.

This is why it is best to make use of antimicrobial treatments to help with the growth of your hair without any complications.

You should also make a habit of having your hair covered when going out, especially when the heat of the sun is high. This reduces the risk of hair damage. You could apply hair sunscreen or simply wear a hat.

8. Healthy diet

It has been discovered by scientists that certain food we eat helps to boost hair growth tremendously. Foods rich in Vitamin H or biotin are very good, and they act as fuel for your body.

They also help with the metabolism of fats, amino acids, and carbohydrates; assisting with the elevation of protein level in the body.

In turn, hair benefits significantly since it is made up of protein. Some protein-rich foods include milk, eggs, cheese, nuts, liver, fish (oily fish), salmon, avocado, and cauliflower.

9. Don’t be in haste to always wash your hair

It isn’t advisable to wash your hair too often, even though you shouldn’t let your hair get dirty. It is true that clean hair grows fast.

Nonetheless, too much of everything isn’t good. Washing your hair daily can cause your hair to dry from your scalp as a result of washing out its natural oil away.

It is better to wash your hair once in a while, massage your hair with oil or a good hair cream and comb gently. This helps to strengthen your hair, giving it room to grow longer and thicker.

10. Combine coconut oil and onion juice

It may come as a surprise that onion isn’t just useful in the kitchen. Onion juice for hair growth has several advantages that you shouldn’t miss out on. It has been proven to effectively treat alopecia areata, regulation of hair growth cycle and directly nourishes hair follicles.

The benefits double when coconut oil is mixed with onion juice. The coconut oils aids with the retention of natural oil in the hair strands from the scalp.

This helps to prevent dryness. It is also a rich source of lauric acid and vitamin E. Almond, or mustard oil are also a great substitute for coconut oil in case you don’t have access to it.

11. Be patient

Hair doesn’t grow overnight. However, you can be affected negatively once you start stressing yourself with how slow your hair grows.

Hair strands grow on an average, about a quarter of an inch to about half an inch per month. Even if all the above rules are followed, your hair is likely to grow up to an inch at the maximum.

So it is best you let nature work its magic and continue doing what you are doing to maintain a healthy hair life. It may take time but patience, as they say, is a virtue.

Shining, healthy, longer, and thicker hair is what everyone dreams for and in most cases, a hard task to get. I hope with the above points you are able to give your hair a fresh and healthier look.

Please share more healthy tips you use on your hair in the comments.

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