How to Keep Your Rooted Android Phone Safe From Security Threats?

Security Threats

Android is very prone to security threats. If security measures are not taken, rooted Android devices act as an open platform where you can face a lot of security challenges. Without security measures, a lot of harm can come to your device.

There are several practical and helpful tips which you can implement to help secure your Android device from any possible viruses or threats.

How to keep your rooted Android device safe from security threats?

Carefully manage the root access

You already have complete admin access the moment you have a rooted Android phone. Although they have diverse advanced functions, they can be used in entirely different ways by malicious apps. So it’s always better to be careful about the apps before giving them any form of root access.

Managing the permission of your app

Granted permissions are a common problem in the case of different apps that are found in the Play Store ? appropriately managing the permission is an essential thing to do. However, be careful while accepting the terms that way, you can protect your data. You can use Secure App Permission App to secure your Android device properly.

Use Apps Ops

Since F-secure is unavailable at the Play Store, you can go for App Ops. This is an in-built feature, with it, you can help you while installing the apps, and the permissions manager is also helping in installing the apps.

It’s better to add a firewall

Adding a firewall creates a data barrier in your 3G/4G roaming or on your Wi-Fi network. This way, you can block all your private data from leakage. FWall+ is a powerful Linus Firewall. It limits permission to access the private details through VPN or LAN. It can be carried out with any form of data network.

While NoRoot Firewall protects all your private information that you can send through the internet, through this process, filter roots can be created so that it can protect your domain name, IP address and your hostname. You can also deny or allow the specific connections that you require through this app.

On the other hand, NetGuard is primarily for non-rooted Android smartphones. With this app, you can easily control the use of apps that are fond of the internet, Wi-Fi or mobile data. It is available for free on Google Play Store, and it’s the best app for firewall protection.

Using good Antivirus apps

You should be careful of the type of apps you are installing into your device, make sure they are entirely free from virus. It causes a lot of issues when you root your device. The antivirus helps to secure your device from all kinds of viruses completely.

Stay away from unauthorized apps

The pre-installed apps are better than the apps you installed by yourself, but users will always prefer the apps they installed by themselves. You should always be aware that they are spyware posing as apps and installing them will bring harm to your Android device. So it’s advisable to install only authorized apps from the Google Play Store.

You should consider using System Cleaner

This security tool helps to implement security of all external threats. App lock can be enabled so that your app would be protected from any authorized access.

The Clean Master app is a great clean booster that also provides real-time protection, which in turn secures all your private accelerate the cleaning up process of your device.

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