How to Know if Your Computer Is Hacked


The world is becoming more digital, almost everything you do is via the internet. From mobile banking to trading cryptocurrencies, the world indeed is a digital sphere. Hundreds of unsuspected people have lost millions because their systems were hacked unknowingly to them. This article will show you practical steps to know if your computer is being hacked or already been hacked.


When your antivirus is disabled

The first easy step to know if your system is in danger is through your antivirus software. If you noticed your antivirus software is disabled without your consent, is a telltale sign that your computer is at risk. Disabling your antivirus software is the first thing any hacker would do to your computer to enable easy access to your private data without your knowledge.

How to avoid this: Cultivate the habit of checking antivirus status; if you are protected any time you turn on your PC. It will save you a lot of trouble. Most victims do not do a routine check up on their PCs hence they are easy targets for hackers.

Fake virus alerts

Another obvious way to notice if your computer is at risk is when you keep getting false virus alerts. You get a message from a fake source stating your PC is under attack, they will provide links or phone numbers for you to stop a virus from affecting your laptop. If you click on the links or contact them in any way, you are indirectly giving them full access to your computer.

How to avoid this: do not panic, simply go to your antivirus software and run a scan. You do not need their “help” people click these fake virus alert links because they are scared of losing their information without knowing they are running into danger.

Frequent Pop-ups

Everybody hates pop-up messages; it is annoying and distraught the flow of whatever you were doing. However, pop-ups are not always bad, but if you get frequent pop-ups know that something isn’t right with your computer.

How to avoid this: if you notice you are getting pop-ups more than the usual, go straight to your antivirus software, check if it is active if it is not and you didn’t turn it off in the first, act fast! Your computer is being hacked. Turn on your antivirus, scan your system and then restart your PC.

If your passwords do not work

It means two things; it’s either you forgot your passwords or your account had been hacked. If you are confident that you did not forget your password, then your account has already been hacked. Once a hacker gets access to your account, the first thing they’ll do is to log you out by changing the password.

How to avoid this: do not use personal information as your password, no birthdays, favorite childhood place, wedding anniversaries, etc. your account can easily be compromised use, complicated passwords instead; lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.  Always change your passwords, do a monthly routine. It sounds stressful, but the safety of your account is important. Lastly, do not store passwords in your computers, get a book and write all your passwords.

Unapproved software

A verified software will ask for your approval before installation. If you notice software is installing without your consent, stop it immediately. It’s a way for hackers to gain access to your personal computer.

How to avoid this: you just have to follow the basic rules of securing your laptop. Do not download software from random sources. You will be surprised to know that many people are victims of these act. Keep your computer safe, do not overlook this list; it will prevent you from falling into the hands of hackers.

Spam messages on social media

Spam messages are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous. If you get spam messages, do not be quick to click on the link. It may be someone trying to gain access to your account.

How to avoid this: change your password immediately you mistakenly click the link, do not open any link claiming to show you videos especially when it is coming from a faceless (unidentified)user, don’t fall for it, it is not true.

When your mouse is moving itself

Well, this is bad. If you notice your mouse is moving itself when you are not on TeamViewer with someone you know, it’s already too late to prevent hackers from hacking into your computer.

How to avoid this: first of all, do not ignore the top six items on this list, if you do not have an active antivirus, get one as soon as possible. Always update your antivirus, do not share your PC with people especially when you have sensitive information on your laptop. There is a reason it is called Personal Computer in the first place. Click here to see the list of antivirus you can use for your laptop.