How to Know if Your Girlfriend Will Cheat on You?

Girlfriend Will Cheat on You

This piece is one of the dicey articles I have written so far, and some people may not agree with it, but well, you just have to know some facts about people, including your girlfriend.

A lot of us want a sincere, but romantic relationship, unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity, especially in this era when love is mistaken for lust, and loyalty is mistaken for foolishness.

Also, we live in a society where infidelity has eaten deep into the very foundation of our morality that getting a partner who does not cheat is rare.

Furthermore, cheating is one of the sensitive things that can impact a relationship; both genders are guilty of this, and it is not limited to ladies. Men can cheat on their partners, just as well as women.

Contrary to popular belief, cheating does not only affect the person that was cheated on, but it also affects the foundation of the family.

Well, this topic was inspired by a video of a relationship teaching series by a minister- Pastor Kingsley, and I would want you all, especially those who have hope to live the rest of their lives with their heartthrobs.

What makes cheating terrible?

There are many apparent reasons why cheating is wrong, and some of them are:

It brings public disgrace; everything is fine and good until you are caught. It brings shame and disgrace when you cheat.

Sometimes, it can affect your dealings with people, especially when you are a public figure. It can even ruin your business, and rapidly destroy what you spent time and energy to build.

Another obvious reason why cheating is terrible is contracting diseases. When you have multiple sex partners, you have the risk of infecting, not just yourself, but your partner.

The person you are cheating with may likely have one or more partners.

Also, there is a high chance of divorce when a person starts cheating on his partner. If you do not want to lose your family, it is better to remain faithful to your partner.

Also, children are negatively affected when one or both parents cheat. It sends the wrong message and can change the way they see relationships.

Everyone can cheat; however, men and women cheat for different reasons.

When you see a man or woman who is faithful to their partners, it is not because their partners have everything they are looking for.

It has a lot to do with who they are as a person and not who they are with. That is why you will see a woman who has everything in her partner but still end up cheating on him.

So, how do you know if your girlfriend will cheat on you?

Before you dive into it, please note that humans can be unpredictable; you can never be 100% certain about what the people around you can do or cannot do.

However, the following will help you know where you and your girlfriend are heading to:

If she is materialistic

Your girlfriend will cheat on you if she is materialistic, especially when she does not want to work for those things she craves for.

When she shows she cannot do without expensive clothes, shoes, bags, hair, etc. she does not have the means of getting these things, she does not want to work to get these things, except to ask you for them.

If she’s very secretive about her personal life

Before you come for my head here, I am not saying you should be an open book to all who care to listen.

Whenever you are with her, her phone is always switched off or in flight mode. Also, when her phone is always locked, and she does not want to share it with you.

When you do not know her routine, you don’t know where she is going. When she travels a lot, she rarely communicates with you; she is always where there is no network.

If she acts as if she’s doing you a favor by dating you

Another telltale sign of a cheating girlfriend is when she feels she is doing you a favor for going out with you in the first place.

When she says, you are not at her level, when she makes lousy comments like, “if not for this, you wouldn’t have seen me.” This means, when she finds someone who is her level, she will leave, or add him to you.

She will cheat on you if she lies a lot

If she lies even when it is not necessary is a sign, she can cheat on you.

People lie for reasons best known to them, but when you babe keeps lying, she is with you, but she telling someone else she is somewhere different doing something else.

These are the things to look out for; because if she keeps lying to other people, she can still do the same to you. It takes a good liar to cheat.

If she complains about everything

If your babe complains about your house, car, shoes, clothes, physique, just about everything about you, then she is capable of cheating on you.

It means what you have is not enough for her. As soon as she meets someone who has what she is looking for, she will cheat on you with him.

If she is still attached to her ex

When she talks about her ex, more than she talks about anything with you, she is capable of cheating on you.

When she compares you with her ex or tries to make, you do things the way her ex was doing things.

If she is getting advice from her ex about your relationship, it means she is not yet over him.

These are some of the things to watch out for if you are in a relationship, or you are planning to take your relationship to the next level.

Also, here are a couple of things to do if your partner does cheat on you. Good luck!!!

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