How to Manage Your Twitter Habits to Take Back Control of Your Life?


Twitter is an excellent place to get news, dabble on conversation and even spend hours upon hours every day talking with strangers and friends around the world in 280 characters. Needless to say, if you are not very careful about how you use Twitter, it’s going to use you by eating up all your free time that you could have spent doing productive things.

Either for this reason or something else entirely, if you are wondering how you can tame your twitter habit or even delete your twitter account so that you can face the real world, well, this is the right article for you. In this article, I will be showing you how you can manage your twitter habit before it turns into an addiction.

Managing Your Twitter Habits

If you are afraid of losing all your followers and tweets, but you want to get your twitter usage in control so that you’re not wasting an ungodly amount of time on the service, you can take some specific steps which can help you manage your habits before they become an addiction.

Use Screen Time to Manage Your Twitter Habits on iOS Devices

The new Screen Time on iOS 12 can help you manage your Twitter habits. With the help of this newly introduced feature, you can set time limits on individual apps. So in plain words, you can put a time limit on your Twitter usage and follow it to keep it in check. If that is something that caught your attention, then this is how you can use Screen Time to manage your twitter habits on iOS devices.

First, you have to open the ‘Settings app’ and tap on ‘Screen Time’.


Here, tap on “iPhone” to see a breakdown of your iPhone usage. Then tap on Twitter to set a limit on it.


Go ahead and tap on the “Add Limit” button then select the time duration you want. Once you have chosen the time limit, tap on the Add button at the top right to add the limit.


Now, your limit is set and whenever you cross that set limit, Screen Time will remind you about it by locking you out of the app and greying out the app’s icon. However, do note that you can easily circumvent the limit by tapping on the “Ignore Limit” button. So, it will be a test of your willpower not to ignore the limit you have put in place.


Using Digital Well Being to Manage Your Twitter Habits on Android Pie Supported Devices

Just like Screen Time feature on iOS, you can also use Digital Well Being on some supported Android 9 Pie devices to set a time limit on apps. If you own a supported device, then you can use this feature to put a limit on Twitter. Here’s how it’s done:

First, open the ‘Settings app’ and then tap on the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ option. Then you can tap on the Dashboard.


Now, find the Twitter app on the list and tap on it, and then tap on the App timer.


You can select the time you want to allocate for Twitter usage from the drop-down menu.


Once this is done, Digital Wellbeing will not only remind you before you exceed your allowance but it will also lock you out of the app. the only way to get around it and get your app back is by going into the Settings app again and removing the time limit.


Third Party Apps to Set Time Limit for Twitter on Android Devices

While Digital Wellbeing is a potent; tool to manage your twitter habits, sadly, it is only available for a minimal number of supported devices. But thankfully, there are some other third-party apps which can also help you to achieve the same results. If you own any other device aside iPhone or Pixel, then these are the apps that can assist you to take control of your Twitter usage:

Stay Focused

This app was designed to improve your self-control by restricting the use of distracting apps like Twitter. The app also allows you to either outright block the twitter app after a certain amount of time or block its notifications. The notifications blocking is outstanding and can help to manage your twitter usage. There is also a feature called ‘Profiles’ which enables you to create multiple profiles and the set a block status for them. For example, you can create a profile for your work which blocks Twitter and any other distracting app that you want to prevent. So if you can’t stay away from Twitter, you need to try out this app.


Install: (Free, in-app purchases)

Your Hour

Your Hour promotes and markets itself as an anti-phone addiction app, and it can help you to curb your Twitter addiction. It gives you a summary of your phone usage and enables you to block selected apps and also set usage time limits. This app also gives you daily and weekly reports which are very helpful for understanding your usage pattern. You can also use this app to easily block twitter based on your usage time just like you can Stay Focused. If for any reason, Stay Focused cannot fulfil your needs, Your Hour is a perfect replacement for you.


Install: (Free, in-app purchases)


I so much love AppDetox as it not only allows me to block apps based on their usage time but also at any time of the day. So let’s assume that you’re most productive in the mornings. AppDetox will permit you to block Twitter in the mornings so that you can get your work done rather than spend it on twitter going through your timeline. So once you have completed your job, you can then spend as much time as you want on twitter. This is an excellent way to both work productively, and also you get to enjoy twitter at the same time. Also, know that you can set usage time based blocking just like you can on the two apps that were stated above. That said, the unique selling point (USP) of this app for me is the ability to block distractive app like Twitter based on time of the day. You should consider checking this app if you want this functionality.


Install: (Free)

Deleting your Twitter Account

While thinking of curbing your Twitter habit, you might have once felt about deleting your Twitter account for good. I mean losing a Twitter account will mean that you will lose all your tweets alongside your followers which you have worked so hard to gain over the years. That is why for some people it makes better sense to put some restriction on their Twitter usage or better still delete their account for good.

Permanently Deleting Your Twitter Account

Deleting your Twitter account permanently is very simple actually as you will see for yourself. Also, note that you can delete your Twitter account from both the app and the website. So I am going to show you both processes so that you can choose the method no matter which device you are using:

Note: Twitter uses the word ‘Deactivate’ instead of ‘Delete’. But both mean the same thing in this instance.

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account on App

First, open the Twitter app and then tap on your Profile icon. Here, tap on “Settings and Privacy”.


Now, click on the ‘Account tab’ and scroll down to find the ‘Deactivate your account’ option. Then tap on it.


While on this page, Twitter will show you some information about the process which you can re4ad if you want. After you are done there, tap on the red “Deactivate” button. Now re-enter your password to verify the user account and then tap on the deactivate button to permanently delete your twitter account.


Permanently Deleting Your Twitter Account on Web

Open Twitter on your browser and log in with your credentials. Then click on your Profile icon and then click on “Settings and Privacy”.


In the ‘Account tab’, scroll down to find the ‘Deactivate your Account’ option and then click on it.


Here, twitter will give you some information which you can choose to read or proceed. After you might have read the information, click on the Deactivate button.


It will prompt you for your password. Re-enter your password to verify account claim and then click on the “Deactivate” button to authorise the account deletion.


Whether you sue the web route or the app, the result will be the same. Always note that Twitter gives you a grace period of 30-days before your account is permanently deleted. So in case you ever change our mind before the grace period, you can log back into your Twitter account as you normally do and it will halt the deletion process. This is yet an attempt to keep you hooked up as companies like Facebook and Twitter know that it is one thing to delete your account and it’s another thing to have the self-control to keep logging back in for the next 30 days given for total deletion.

Manage Your Twitter Habit or Delete your Twitter Account and Take Control of Your Life

Just like any other social media platform, Twitter can help you a lot if you know how you are using the service. But instead of using a service productively, most people spend hours and hours just wasting time. If you have fallen into the Twitter trap, the above steps can help you regain freedom and control of your life.


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