How to Play Games at School Without Restrictions?

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Once upon a time, it was easier to browse the internet and play your favorite game. Whether you had an offline game or an online game, the school didn’t bother about restricting access.

However, today they have a controlled policy for the regulation of the internet on the school grounds. Therefore, playing games at School has become a challenging task.

However, we are bringing you a complete list of options you can use to play the games.

Use Your Device

The first option is always to carry your smartphone or preferred device into the School. You can install your favorite games at home then play them in the School. Of course, there are certain restrictions to it. 

For instance, you can access offline games like Overwatch, but online games like Roblox, etc would require an internet connection.

If you have a cellular network that is feasible, then connecting to the internet wouldn’t be a problem. Correlatively, if your laptop has a wifi device, you can connect by using the mobile’s hotspot. 

There isn’t any restriction there. However, the problem starts when you have to use the School’s network or PC. 

Using The School’s PC

If you plan on using the School’s PC to Play Games, you might have to travel an extra mile. What does it mean? If it doesn’t support an internet connection, you have to buy a decent wifi device to carry in your pocket.

You can use it each time to connect the computer to your cellular data or School’s wifi. If you use School’s wifi, you might have to install a VPN on your PC, as well.

It helps you keep your tracks clean, as well. It will allow you to play the game on the browser, but if the system is admin protected, you might have to install the game through a different method.

Unlocking School Network

Students have limited access to the internet through School’s wifi. Therefore, you need a credible VPN service to ensure seamless connectivity. VPN unblocks games websites restricted content for you to get full-fledged access.

Hence, you can use the School’s network to browse the internet. If you have games that require an active internet connection, the process just got easier.

However, here are some points to remember before you get a VPN:

  • Don’t rely upon free VPN services. They are not as well-versed. You run the risk of data theft, credentials breach, and much more.
  • Premium VPNs bring you extra internet security and anonymity. They are better with features and ease of use. You may find many additional perks with premium VPNs.
  • If you can’t afford premium VPNs, many providers offer a trial.
  • Alternatively, you can find a VPN service that supports multiple devices in a single subscription to buy with your friends

What If VPN Doesn’t Offer A Trial? 

There are too many premium-grade VPNs available in the market. You can always browse the next one from Google.

Some known VPN providers are Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and AVG VPN. However, if you are running out of trial versions to try, you can use the money back guarantee to your advantage.

Many VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee from 7 days to 30 if you’re not satisfied. When you subscribe to a VPN service, make sure to set a reminder for a day before the end of your money-back guarantee.

Then cancel your VPN service. You will be eligible for refunds. However, remember that some VPN servers have a specific bandwidth limit for refund eligibility.

Alternatively, you can use Express VPN’s referral program that extends your subscription by 30 days each time someone registers through your referral link. The person also receives the same benefits. 

How To Install A Game If The PC Is Admin Protected? 

There are two files available for installation. There’s the standard MSI that allows single installation through the launcher or .exe. You would have to get your hands on the .exe file for the game you want to play on the PC.

That’s the only method for you to install games on School’s PC to play them. 

Bottom Line 

Make sure to pay attention during the class and play during free periods or lunchtime. We don’t condone breaking the laws of the School or other regulations. Don’t lose track of your studies for the sake of gaming thrill. However, nobody should have their fun restricted. Therefore, we brought you the solution to common problems for playing games at School. 

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