How to Stop Websites From Disturbing You With That Annoying Notification Prompt in Chrome


Does the image above look familiar? Oh, yea I guess it does.

Only a few things will be so annoying if they interrupt your ecstatic moments online than the notification pop up on chrome from websites that you visit.

It used to be helpful and okay to have the notification activated on some helpful sites you often visit when so many sites know about them. But it’s now ugly and disturbing now that almost everybody online that owns a website wants you to activate the notification so that you can be notified when they publish a new post.
In this post, I will show you how to deactivate the worrisome JavaScript plugin chrome has that enables sites to give you the disturbing pop up asking to be activated or not. Of course, you can always block each site individually, but that doesn’t solve the issue since you’ll still get the pop-up every time you visit a new site that supports Chrome’s notifications. Here will show you how to deactivate it and be done with it for good.

It’s very simple to hang in there let’s dive right in.

While Google made it so easy for sites to disturb your ecstatic moments with the notification plugin on chrome, they also made it so easy to do away with. Just head over to chrome://settings/content/notifications (you’ll have to copy and paste that link manually) and flip that toggle from “Ask before sending” to “Blocked.”
Just that.

Now you can slide back to your site and sip vodka all day as you play through the internet undisturbed, uninterrupted and not bothered by some worrisome website owner that just wants you to click on the “allow notification” button so he can continue to bother your already bothered life.

Cheers mate!