How to Unlock Your iPhone When You Don’t Remember Backup Password?

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These days, smartphones are a complete treasure house of all vital information. The best idea is to keep all your data ultimately backed up so that you can easily access it and not lose it.

Encrypting backups is a great way to access your data, but it can be challenging if by any chance you forget the backup or password.

When you are running iOS 11 and above

For any encrypted backups, the iPhone has a lot more options. Resetting your backup password can quickly be done compared to retrieving the old password, you can smoothly go for the straightforward process of resetting your home screen layout, wallpaper, and your iPhone personalizations.

Head to Settings, click on General and then click on the Reset. This way you can reset all your Settings and then enter a new passcode. A further encrypted back up can be created after you connect your device to iTunes.

What you need to do if you forget your password on older iOS versions

Although you can’t reset your backup password if you are using iOS or any other earlier versions, you can still try the MacOS Keychain. If your password was stored here and you have forgotten about it, it’s worth given a look. But if someone else had helped you with setting up the password, you could easily ask that that person.

Recovering the password

Sometimes it might be easy, or the password can very well be hiding in plain sight. Even easy things as a computer password might be of help if you had put the same password here too. However, iTunes might have been asking about it only if you frequently require passwords, and it might be of great help.

But you can try using your iCloud password, or the one you might be using on your iPhone or even the one you usually use. You can also change it to something, or you can yet write it down so that you can remember it easily.

Using an iCloud backup

Having an iTunes backup should not be the only option; you should also have an iCloud backup. By default, there’re set on your iCloud backup as well. You have to go to Settings, click on your name and then select iCloud. Then scroll down to the option of iCloud backup and check if the slider is turned On.

To restore the information, you’ll have to click on Settings, then click on General and finally on Reset. Select “Erase All Content Settings.” Go to the Apps and Data Screen and choose to Restore for iCloud backup. After gaining access to your iCloud, you have to select backup and then pick on the backup.

Using an older iTunes Backup

If you are not encrypting your backups, it is wise to choose from older iTunes backup. But for this, first, you have to backup up your current data to iCloud.

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