How to use Sharethis share button on wordpress without Plugins


ShareThis is the company for those wanting to make the world more connected, trusted and valuable through sharing. Sharethis allows webmasters and bloggers to integrate its services on their blog which will allow readers to share the contents to their friends and family on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.


For those using WordPress there are different ways to add this sharethis share button s to your blog without a plugin though you may need plugin  for the placement but if you use themes like Genesis and thesis or your themes support below title placement for ads then you don’t need plugins like Post layout.

How to sharethis Button to WordPress

  1. First of all you have to add this JavaScript file in the <head> section of your blog ( some themes have inbuilt feature for this so no need for plugins)

[wpgist id=”b63112b27fcb4df15129″]

For genesis theme users, simply go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Header and Footer Scripts and paste the code.

If you are using any other WordPress theme, install Header and Footer plugin. Then go to Settings > Header and Footer > Code to be added on HEAD section of every page and paste the code there.

If you want the buttons to appear on MobilePress, log in to cPanel file manager and navigate your way to public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default/header.php Edit your header.php (please dont forget to take backup before edit) and paste the code before the closing </head> tag. (this option is for those using the  plugin)

  1. The second of the code requires Post Layout plugin to work. This plugin defines how your post looks like and what you want to put before, after and even in the middle of your content. You can even use it to add adsense codes but that’s another story. 😉

After you have installed the plugin, Now go to Settings > Post Layout > before the content and/or before the content. Paste the code right there:

[wpgist id=”4dac417e7500baf9a233″]

To add the above code to Genesis theme if you use one goto Genesis > Simple Hooks > search for genesis_before_entry and use code below:

[wpgist id=”ea10e19af25241daca50″]

If you have problem installing this code on your theme please dont forget to use the comment form.

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  1. With some of us, seeing codes and all those confusing letters makes us ponder. Why should I for go the plugin and toil with something I don’t know much about?
    This is something many like myself keep asking ourselves but interestingly this post of yours laid things low.

  2. Yeah I used to use plugins for everything, but I used on that had maleware. Using Raw code is best! Geeks are Hot! All that Raw hum hum!


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