How to Use the New Group FaceTime Feature on Your iPhone/iPad?


Apple has stayed on top of its game by making sure that they provide the users with what they need and stay ahead of the competition. The company has managed to do this by providing constant updates for its mobile operating system (iOS) over the years. The latest iteration which the iOS 12 has been in Beta phase since September 2018. This is the major update to Apple’s 2018 iOS version.

Among its added features that are available in iOS 12.1, one of the notable ones is the Group FaceTime. The tech giant claimed that this was one of the most demanded features during the WWDC 2018 developer’s conference. Now that the iOS 12.1 has finally rolled out, iOS users can chat simultaneously with up to 32 people by using FaceTime. This will make conference meetings or even a big family chat session an easy thing to do. However, if you wish to know what to do to understand how to use this feature, the steps are given below:

How to use the iOS 12 Group FaceTime feature on your iPhone/iPad

  1. In the FaceTime app, tap on the Add button that is available at the top right corner.

  2. Type in the names and numbers of the people that you want to chat with in the entry field that’s provided at the top.

  3. There is another option where you have to click on the Add Contact button to open Contacts and then add people from there instead of typing the contacts manually.

  4. You can tap on ‘Video’ to make a video call and audio to initiate a FaceTime audio call.

Besides having the option of doing it this way, it is also necessary to add people to a video call separately. If you are busy in a group Messages conversation, you can start a Group FaceTime call with any of the recipients you are chatting within the Messages conversation by following the steps that are given below:

  1. While inside the Messages conversation, click on the My Account button that is available at the top of the conversation or the profile pictures.

  2. Then click on FaceTime

There you go, now you have known different ways in which you can initiate a FaceTime call with a person or group of persons. Now let us forge ahead to how you can add more people to a Group FaceTime call that you are engaged in. You can also add another person to your Group FaceTime call by merely following the steps below:

  1. Tap on the Screen and click on the “More” button when the FaceTime call is in session.

  2. Click on Add Person.

  3. Type the name of the person, Apple ID, or a phone number of the person that you want to include into the entry field that is made available at the top.

  4. You can also click on the ‘Add button’ to add someone from your Contacts.

  5. Click on Add Person and begin FaceTime.

Remember that when someone invites you to join in on a FaceTime call, you will receive a message or silent notification. You can then join the call at any time by clicking on the notification or message bubble that pops up.


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