How to Write a Dissertation in the Shortest Possible Time?

Writing a dissertation is one of the most crucial academic undertakings and little wonder then that a lot of importance is attached to this project. It is the last piece of writing you need to do for your PhD. or Master’s degree and the quality of the work determines how you fair overall. It is not an easy project to undertake because of the lots of research required for a high-quality paper. What’s more, you need a lot of time to find the necessary materials, do research and compile the paper.

It is understandable then that most students find themselves short of time and have to complete everything in a rush. If the deadline for your dissertation is near, there are several ways of handling the project successfully including using a dissertation service.

This article highlights some of the things you can do to complete your dissertation in record time. Keep reading.

  1. Set Up Your Work Station

One thing you have to appreciate about a dissertation is that due to the lots of work required, you need a workstation where everything you need is available. While you might carry your laptop with you to the library or the field for research, you need a central place where you can always go to for serious work.

Make sure you have the basic resources at your workstation including power supply, notebook, your computer, good internet supply and anything else you need. Now that you have little time on your hands, this will become your second home and you must make it as comfortable as possible.

  1. Go Through Your Dissertation Questions Again

Most likely, you looked for a topic for your dissertation and then relaxed only to realize the deadline is around the corner. Now, before you hit the ground and start your research, take a step back and review the questions you seek to answer through your paper. You need to refresh your mind on the thesis statement. This tunes your mind to the task at hand because you need to focus on this alone. Once you understand what you want to achieve with this paper, it is easier to get started.

  1. Set a Strict Schedule For the Project

Poor time management is the greatest danger to your dissertation project and now that you have little of this resource, you need to create a strict schedule. Of course, you have other responsibilities in your life but it possible to find a balance if you create a strict schedule. Allocate enough time for all your activities but give propriety to the dissertation.

Figure1: Sample assignment planner

Allocate the prime slots to your dissertation and in case any space opens up on your schedule, use it to move your project forward.   If you manage the little time available properly, it is possible to beat the deadline and submit a high-quality paper.

  1. Break the Dissertation Into Parts

On the surface, a dissertation project will intimidate you when you consider all the pages you have to write. This is the reason many students procrastinate and eventually rush when the deadline is nigh. To avoid this, break down the large project into small, workable parts. There are well-defined stages of the dissertation and you should work on each individually.

Work on those parts that you find easy to tackle and don’t restrict yourself to the order of chapters.  The idea is to keep going forward by doing constructive work and avoiding writer’s block at all costs. When allocating time to the project, make sure you indicate the specific section you will work on. For instance, you can indicate, “Analyze chart 3” on your time planner. This is a specific goal which you can achieve within the specified time.

  1. Diversify Your Resources

Don’t limit your source of materials for your dissertation. You should go online and leverage thesis writing tools such as apps, professional thesis writers, writing services, sample thesis, online libraries editing and proofreading software and many others. These resources make your work easier and allow you to complete the dissertation in record time.

There’s no need to panic because many people have completed their dissertations in record time even with other responsibilities in life.

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Sebastian Miller is a leadership and educational professional that provides dissertation  service. He can give you a hand If you are in a dissertation or thesis rush. He has provided coaching services to many in the area of effective leadership and time management.