HTC One X10 officially announced in Russia: Specs, Review & Price


There’s been a rumour going around amidst tech folks and freaks about a possible release early this year by HTC. The Taiwanese company has been very calm since the release of the One M in the HTC One series and has only been able to stay slightly relevant despite the stuffy encroachment by tech giants such as Samsung and Google. One such way is its release of the HTC One X10 with a 5.5-inch 1080p display and a gigantic 4000mAh battery capacity.


Given one of the major issues most smartphone users have, if not the major, is battery life, the decision by HTC to focus on the battery life of the HTC One X10 is a very wise one as HTC already has a reputation of building great products. An example is the One M, a good phone coupled with a massive, dependable and durable battery life will be a strong perk for smartphone users all over the world, and now that HTC has decided to be on the fore-front of this, they might be on their way to dominating the market once again.

The Introduction Of the HTC One X10 in Russia and what it means for Nigerian Folks

Even though it’s sad that HTC is releasing the One X10 in Russia first at $355, it is, however, understandable, given that the Russian smartphone market is their main market in which they have more of their users according to a user rating they did last year November.


HTC’s official announcement took the form of a new page on its Russian website. The HTC X10 measures 152.9 * 75.6 * 8.23 mm and weighs in at 175 grammes, featuring a 5.5-inch 1080p display in a metal body. Its most impressive feature is, of course, its 4000mAh battery which is said to be able to last up to two days. It looks an awful lot like the “One M” series and the OnePlus 3. That said, there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back below the camera module, as you would expect.

HTC One X10 Launch Russia

As HTC hasn’t released any official statement about whether they’d be putting the HTC One X10 in other markets, however, we can only cross our hands and wait for the time when they’ll bring it to our doorsteps, as they always do.

So, start saving folks, the HTC One X10 is coming.


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