Huawei Is Preparing a Smartphone With 512GB Internal Storage

When you take a trip down memory lane; you will encounter so many remarkable landmarks that will remind you how far mobile technology has gone.

From the miserable 256MB of storage to 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 8GB,16GB and all the way to 32GB.

Then, it wasn’t long we started seeing 64GBs and 128, 256GBs and the latest kid on the block is the 512GB storage on a smartphone?

That’s totally incredible!

Some people will like to raise the argument of “Why would somebody need that much storage?”

The answer that should keep every argument at arm’s length would be, “It’s 2018, and 4k is almost everywhere, and file sizes keep going up so as the storage capacity of mobile phones so as to create a comfortable room for smartphones to existing in the future of screen resolutions”.

If you’ve wanted a storage that’s as large as what’s available today on your smartphone; something that’s as large as the capacity of your PC’s storage, a new Huawei phone is underway to grant you your heart desires.

The Chinese smartphone Giant is rumored to be showing up with a smartphone that has a 512GB internal memory space.

That will be the first time such an amount of storage will be seen on a smartphone. And also make Huawei the first mobile phone company to pull that plug.

Huawei is setting a new threshold for mobile storage to handle ever-increasing amounts of multimedia content.

We’ve seen internal memory spaces as large as 256GB on the likes of iPhone X. It’s even larger than the amount of storage space you will be getting on most models of high-end laptops like the Mac Book Pro.  According to theVerge, this amount of space on a smartphone can enable a user download the huge Facebook app that’s around 400MB more than 1,200 times.

The Huawei smartphone the company will be shocking the whole world with showed up on the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA’s website last month.
Image result for huawei 512GB phone

PhoneRader captured it ones again when an update was made to the listing. According to the latest information on the ground about the smartphone, it will pack a 6GB of RAM and a whooping 512BG of storage.

So many people think the phone is the forthcoming most anticipated Huawei P20. But, who can tell? It might even be the Porche version of the P20 which Huawei will certainly build to be more luxurious than its sister variants.

Huawei could be the first company to release a smartphone with this amount of storage, but they were never the only ones that’ve been working tirelessly, Samsung started to make 512GB drives for phones back in December.

According to reports, Samsung has started the mass production of the universal flash storage solution for use in next-generation mobile devices; using the 64-layer 512-gigabit(GB) VNAND chips, the new 512GB eUFS package provides the unparalleled storage solution for the next-generation premium smartphones.

Rumors also have it that Huawei might be using the drives Samsung has been working on, but nobody knows for sure because information is still faint as regards to this claims.

If Huawei will be using the Samsung’s 512GB eUFS storage, it will feature a strong read and write performance. With its sequential read and writes reaching up to 860 MB per seconds and 255MB per seconds respectively.

The embedded memory storage enables transferring a 5GB-equivalent full HD video clip to an SSD in about 6 seconds, over eight times faster than a typical microSD card.

When doing random operations, the eUFS can read 42,000 IOPS and write 40,000 IOPS. Its random speed will be 400 times faster than the 100 IOPS speed of a conventional microSD card. Therefore, mobile users can enjoy every bit of their multimedia experience.

The question shouldn’t be who made it or who brought it out on a smartphone first, the thing is, a larger smartphone storage capacity is here with us and we should enjoy it when it finally shows up fully in the Huawei smartphone and any other devices released by other companies later on in response to the trend.

The massive amount of storage space in smartphones is a whole lot of fun altogether and as I stated earlier on this post, it will be very useful for recording videos in 4K since such videos take a very large piece out of your storage space to store its large file size. Just a three-minute 4K video can take up 1GB of storage space.

With this beef up in storage space, you will be able to record a full day in 4K with the Huawei 512GB phone or anyone that follows suite after this one is released. It will then be an epic experience to watch the 4K video you’ve recorded. I bet you, when you do, you wouldn’t like to see any video or movie again it’s not in 4K.


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