Iggy Azalea’s Relationship Ends in Less Than 24 Hours

Iggy Azalea might be a fancy rapper (Pun intended) but her relationship with the Houston Texan wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, was everything far from fancy. On the seventh of August 2018, fans wouldn’t stop smiling and feeling happy for Iggy when she announced that DeAndre Hopkins was the boyfriend. The singer revealed this during an interview an interview with Y 100 Miami when she was asked if she preferred the Houston Texans to the Miami Dolphins.

Iggy didn’t hesitate to say that she prefers the Houston Texans and she just seemed to know why the interviewer felt that question was necessary. After Iggy had identified what team she preferred, the interviewer jokingly inquired if she had any idea why he asked the question, and Azalea answered by saying “Yes.” “DeAndre Hopkins, are we dating — or what’s the situation?” “Yeah, we’re in a relationship”, as confirmation that speculations of her relationship with the NFL champion.

Sadly, Iggy stripped us of the opportunity to gush over the cuteness of her new relationship by telling us it was over in just about 24hrs after she granted the interview that confirmed she had a boyfriend. It is not rare to hear of relationships failing early, but this is too early for the liking of her fans.

On the 8th of August, The rapper took to her twitter page to announce that her relationship with DeAndre Hopkins was over. It appeared to have something to do with the football players trying to change her lifestyle and Iggy wasn’t going to have any of it.

From the singer’s tweets, it was gathered that the NFL champ was uncomfortable with the pictures she uploaded on social media and had referred to them as an act of h**ing. Iggy loves to live freely regardless of who is in her life and staying away from any person who was going to hold her back is something she would do over and again.

Iggy Azalea wrote in her tweet that ” Men have this fantasy they enter your life & magically you want to stop everything you’re doing to pander to their version of how an acceptable women acts”. And to confirm that she was devoted to staying the way she is, she tweeted “5,4,3,2,1 *breathes out*. If I’m a “hoe” cause of the pictures I post – let me hoe in peace. I like my life. I’m happy”.

Thank you Iggy, for teaching girls to have a life of their own no matter who says what, but we just weren’t thinking we would be nominating you for the award of the shortest relationship in 2018.