Improve Your WhatsApp Usage with These Helpful Tips


WhatsApp is among the most used messaging apps in the world, whether it’s used to talk to friends or doing business. Because of this, it was essential to know how to use the tool well and organised with it. To do so, here are five tips for you to become a power-user of this app.

Hide Notifications for Specific Groups

Even though they are widely used to connect family and friends and sometimes for business, chat groups can also be very congested. So to turn off notification, tap and hold a group on the home screen and look for the bell icon at the top of the home screen. In the window, choose the time you want to silence(8 hours, one week and one year). Then check whether you want the message in the group to appear in the system notification.

Limit Access to Personal Information

Do you want to limit the access of strangers to your information? WhatsApp offers a solution for this. Just head to the application Settings, tap on Account and choose the privacy option. In this menu, you can choose who will see the photo of your profile, your stories, confirmation of reading and other.

Transfer Content Easily

Though it may not seem like it, out WhatsApp transfer backup and restore is quite easy. With the right tool in your possession, you can also transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android in the blink of an eye.

Easily Send and handle Recordings

If you love sending giant audios and listen to them later, WhatsApp has a function for you. In the conversation window, tap on the clip and select the audio option.

If the application asks what to do, select “Save with WhatsApp“. When that is done, push the button to capture your voice and speak at will. You have up to fifteen (15) minutes. When the recording is complete, you can listen to your audio before sending it out.

Save Data by Disabling Automatic Downloads

If you have a limited mobile data plan or you don’t want to fill your mobile phone with photos and videos, you can as well turn off automatic downloads. To proceed, go to the settings and then go to the data and storage menu. In the automatic download section, select what you can download when you are on a mobile network, Wi-Fi and even when roaming.

Unchecking these options will give way for data to be downloaded only if you touch them. And in that, you can also decrease your data consumptions on calls.

Have you tried any tip on this list or you have any suggestions you would like us to add to this list? Tell us in the comments section below.


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