Increase your Ram Using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)

This is my third write-up that has been inspired by a situation I needed to resolve. RAM issue is quite common on some android device, today I’ll give a few steps on how to tackle it.

Please not that i will not be held responsible if you Brick your phone

To do this we’ll be using Roehsoft RAM Expander, an app that helps expand the RAM. Let’s review it’s pros:


Please Note We are not to be held responsible if you damage your phone in the process.

– Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
– Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (file system limit)
– No limit on SWAP partition!
– The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SD card from class-8
– Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
– Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
– Autorun
– Swappiness kernel parameter set
– Easy foolproof use
(1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
– Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernel swap support)


Before we proceed, we need to ensure that your device is compatible, to avoid stories that touch the heart 🙂
We’ll use an app called MemoryInfo and Swapfile Check, you can get it from play store. Run the test to certify, if your device is compatible you can proceed with us. ALSO know that your device must be ROOTED.
Now let’s roll.

– Download Roehsoft app here and install. – Grant root user when prompted and select your language.
– Use Swapfile slider to select the partition size you want (in my case I chose 512mb, make sure it’s above 100mb).
– Set Swapiness level; this give you control over the behaviour of the kernel. Let it be from 50 and above.
– Finally, Tick AUTO RUN and SWAP ACTIVE and it take some time creating SWAP file according to size you selected.



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