Indian Man Claims Lesbian Lady Married His Daughter Using Black Magic

The Indian police of currently dealing with a case of a man who claims that a lesbian woman had used black magic to convince his daughter to register the relationship with a symbolic wedding ceremony which should only occur between a man and a woman.

Indian Man Claims Lesbian Lady Married His Daughter Using Black Magic

26 years old Sabitri Parida and her 27 years old partner Monalisa Nayak, on Saturday the 12th of January 2019  became one of the first gay couple to officially have their relationship registered since the Supreme Court decriminalised same sex relationship in September 2018.

However, Monalisa’s father Antrajami Nayak has claimed that his daughter’s partner had allegedly used “black magic on my daughter when she was at her uncle’s house.”

The allegation by Monalisa’s father has led to an investigation into the newly wedded lesbian couple who tried the knot at a ceremony that took place in Kendrapara, which is in East India.

Pramod Mallick who is a police officer at the Pattamundai Police Station said The girl will be interrogated to ascertain whether she has been forced to maintain the relationship with the other girl or it was her own choice,”

however the couple who have been together for a total of 4 years and also work together have said that they are glad the relationship lead to them tying the knot and they are super excited about the new life they will be having together.

the lesbian do you want for the to explain that what they intend to do is to “wanted to prove to society that there was nothing wrong in living with a partner of the same sex.”

The couple added that “Both of us rejoiced at the scrapping of Section 377 by the Supreme Court on September 6 last year.”

The duo mentioned that their parents never approved of their relationship and asked them to break up but because they were happy together they saw no reason to part ways.

Parida and Monalisa added that the symbolic wedding ceremony between the them is not only a victory for the both of them but for all of the Indian lesbian population.

The duo added that “Our marriage will be a victory against the stigma and humiliation that our community has been facing across the country.”

The couple plan to have one of them adopt a baby since the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act allows single Indian women adopt a child legally.

On the 28th of December, two other lesbians exchanged vows in a symbolic ceremony after they broke out of the marriages that were arranged for them by their families.

After getting a divorce from the men they were forced the marry, the brides who are 24 and 26 respectively reconnected and took their relationship a step further by getting married. The duo traded garlands during a temple ceremony which has not been recognised by authorities yet.

The newly weds who requested to have their names withheld for safely sake, expressed how optimistic they are about their union. One of them said “Our lawyer has told us that since the Supreme Court has done away with Section 377, we can stay together. No one can trouble us. We have been living together as a couple for some time now.”

There is no conclusion yet regarding the investigation into the black magic claim by the concerned Father, but the LGBT community has decided to keep their fingers crossed and hope that love prevails over whatever it is that may stand against the union of the two ladies.