Instagram Introduces New ‘Parental Guide’ Section


The past few weeks have seen Instagram rolling out timely updates and new features for its platform on a regular basis. The popular image-sharing platform from Facebook has now introduced a new Parental Guide feature for the masses. The new feature will help the users to keep track of their child’s online security. Instagram has rolled out this feature following Apple and Google’s digital well-being and wellness features which were released for the iOS and Android platforms respectively.

The Facebook-owned platform had earlier came up with its own ‘Usage Insights’ feature which was developed mainly for the Insta addicts so that they can take a break from the platform. The Usage Insights feature show the users how much duration they have been spending on the platform while scrolling through its feed. Later on, Instagram had set up a dedicated well-being website to help users manage their time efficiently.

As mentioned earlier, Instagram has come up with its section on the digital well-being website designed specifically for the parents. This section is called the Parental Guide, and it contains info on how Instagram works and also explains the ways parents can ensure that their children don’t get exposed to the negative aspects of using social media platforms excessively.

The well-being website created by Instagram has a ‘For Parents’ section which will guide the parent’s step-by-step beginning from ‘What is Instagram’ to the tips to handle social media interactions, Explore, IGTV, Stories and others. The Parental Guide feature is further dived into six different sections. However, Instagram is concentrating on three major aspects including interaction, privacy and time management.

As for the functionality of the sections mentioned above, the interaction management section discusses the tools that regulate conversations and the settings which the parents/users need to apply to block or filter out any negative comments.

While the time management section talks about activity matrices, setting reminders to control the usage of time. It also mentions how the user can mute Instagram notifications and to keep away the distractions.

Apart from the previously mentioned sections, the Parental Guide also has another section which is called ‘Ten Questions to Help You Start the Conversation’. This section comprises of 10 Instagram-related questions which the parents can ask their child related to their activities on Instagram. These newly introduced sections will surely help parents to keep an eye on their child’s safety on the platform. It will be interesting to know how well the audience received the Parental Guide section.


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