Instagram Is Testing a New Profile Page Design


Instagram is one of those platforms that keep changing things around in its mobile app all in the name of ‘improving the user experience’. On the same line, the company has now announced that it is doing some more shuffling, but this time the change is coming to the Profile page.

The Facebook-child company has announced that it is working on a new design for the profile page on the app to make it easy for its users to navigate. So, in the coming days, you might see some features rearranged on your profile page.

Instagram’s New Profile Page Design

According to Instagram, the new design coming to the app will make your profile easier and cleaner to use. As you can see from the screenshots above which was shared by Instagram, users profile photo, bio etc. have now been given more importance. The followers and following label have been pushed down.

It looks as if the company wants to give importance to the profile than the follower count which I think is excellent. This will provide users with more chance to express themselves better without anyone judging by the number of followers.

The company says that it is testing these changes in phases. So it may not reflect on your profile any time soon. Instagram will continue to experiment and also update the experiences as they learn from users’ feedback.

Looking at the screenshots, what is it that comes to mind about the new design of the profile page? Do you think it’s a smart move form Instagram? Whatever your thought may be, let us know by dropping your comments on the section below.


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