I have Installed Plesk Control Panel, Now What?


Congratulations you have successfully installed Plesk control panel. Welcome to the family of Plesk Control Panel users, Plesk is used by the big guys which includes GoDaddy, Mediatemple, Hostgator, etc…. In case you haven’t already installed Plesk on your Ubuntu, Centos VPS or dedicated server then now is the best time to do that, in fact you can follow my detailed installation guide.

It’s not just about installing Plesk, after installing this control panel you have to prepare the backend which you can access with panel.mydomain.com:8443 from there you will be able to install applications like WordPress, Joomla , Typo3, Piwik and other CMS. Change PHP settings, add additional rules to apache or Nginx.

Without wasting time let’s configure the back and get it ready for use.

  1. If you followed my guide here, you must have already set up your hostname example server.domain.com, panel.mydomain.com, etc. . . .

Now append Plesk port to the back of your hostname like so panel.mydomain.com:8443 when it opens login with root and root password.

  1. Accept the terms and conditions, you can copy it out and read later at your convenience….

plesk agreement

3. Here you can choose the type of view you want according to what you want to use the server for, also note that the type of licence you purchase will change the view.

plesk view

4. It’s time to configure the hostname, remember? the URL for the backend. Fill up the details like so. only set up your admin password, you can also use the one you use for root.

plesk hostname

5. Here you have to setup your profile, very easy.

plesk profile

6. It’s time to install your your plesk key, this will enable you start using plesk with all the features, unlike cpanel you can get plesk for as low as $4. you can test drive plesk for 14 days.

plesk key

7. When you get the key you can input it like so, or you can download and upload it.

plesk key

8. If you did everything correctly you will receive a successful installation message

plesk key

9. In the next stage you have to set up a web space for the hostname, this way you can install a demo page or something your choice.

plesk web space

9. If everything goes as planned then you will be directed to dashboard.

plesk dashboard

NOTE: Make sure you don’t close the page, because the next time you return to login with the admin account you will receive error like this ERROR: Call to a member function getURI() on null (Form.php:198) all you have to do is login again but this time use the root account to complete the process.

Use the comment box to let me know if you faced any issues during the setup.