iPad Battery Explodes at Apple’s Amsterdam Store


In one of the rare cases with Apple devices, it has been reported that an iPad battery exploded in the Amsterdam Apple store and released harmful chemical substances.

According to the report, the store was evacuated as a precautionary measure, and three employees were reported to have been treated for experiencing trouble breathing.

“Due to the chemicals released, the store has been closed as firefighters are working to ventilate the space and clear out any harmful vapours,” reported by 9to5Mac on Sunday.

The iPad was placed in a container with sand by the staff and called firefighters. It is still unclear if the tablet has burst into flames.

The city’s fire brigade had subsequently arrived on the scene, and the Leidseplein store was evacuated. Business has resumed, and customers are now allowed back in.

Although Apple has not often found itself in the new over exploding battery or products, it did make headlines back in January when an iPhone battery was overheated and caused the device to explode at a showroom in Zurich, causing minor burns to a repair worker.

Firefighters were called, and they dealt with the faulty iPad and made sure the shop was adequately aired.

The shop has now reopened for business. The Amsterdam’s fire brigade tweeted that it had attended to the incident and three people had been treated for breathing problems.

A report by a Dutch media site said staff in the sore had initially dealt with the fuming iPad before the arrival of the fire brigade by putting it in a sand-filled fire bucket. It silenced the fire but not before some of the potentially harmful irritants had been released.

Apple is now set to launch the new iPhone’s in next month along with the new 13-inch MacBook which has got people talking. Apple is also expected to launch the new iPad along with other devices this fall.


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