Is Justin Beiber Almost a Father?

It has always been Justin Beiber’s dream to be a father even at his young age. He could be well on his way to fulfilling this dream of his as he has started on the right path as his precious wife Hailey Baldwin is willing to put her modelling career on hold in order to carry his baby as well as nurse him/her.

It has never been a secret that Justin Beiber had always desperately wanted to be a young dad and this got us wondering if this is the reason he got married early to his, Hailey Baldwin. A close source says that now that he has gotten married, they are willing and ready to start a family.

The source said “Justin and Hailey have an amazing life together and they are enjoying their love. Justin can’t wait to be a dad and Hailey is totally up for it. Hailey is totally ready to put her modelling career on hold to be a full-time mom.”

Hailey is only 21 and so getting pregnant at her age is totally a good idea. The source continued that Hailey had already started pushing back appointments and also started scaling back on her modelling commitments ever since she and Justin have gotten back together as a couple.

The source continued ” Hailey loves Justin with all her heart, and now that they are married, she really wishes to be the mother of his kids. They are having lots of fun as well as lots of sex. A baby might already be around the corner”.

The couple who had applied for a marriage license in a courthouse in New York on September 13 claimed that they couldn’t wait to be together forever hence they decided to tie the knot and become legally married as husband and wife.

As for Justin, he had always known what he wanted in life, and that included having to get married and raise a family while he is still in his 20s. In 2016, he had predicted in an exclusive interview with Glamour magazine that his biggest dream was to have a family of his own.

He had revealed that before he reaches the age of 30, he would love to get married, settled down as well as have kids of his own. For him, he disclosed that this is a massive achievement from a huge list of his purpose in life. He said this at the massive success of the launch of his album “Purpose” when he was about to embark on a year and a half long tour.

According to Justin, he had always known what was very important to his future, and that didn’t include music. For him, it will still be about family. We wish both Hailey and Justin success in their chosen part of life, and we would love to see a baby in the picture very soon.