Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Gave Love a Second Chance Before Welcoming Their Second Child


Country music singer Jana Kramer had managed to rebuild her love story and its something beautiful to talk about in her podcast.

The singer explained exclusively to E! News “I feel like I had something different to give to the podcast world where it was my own experiences. I never want anyone to feel alone if they’re going through something because it’s like we all go through these problems.”
For some reason, most of the said problems have been covered in the tabloids, and though the singer was unable to fight back, in just a few months, she had covered some personal topics ranging from sex to infidelity, pregnancy and miscarriages on her podcast Whine Down With Jana Kramer.

Janna’s husband, Michael Caussin shared with E! News that: “What sets Jana apart is her authenticity and her ability to be completely vulnerable with people around her. In order for her to do that, I had to be comfortable and feel safe with opening up on my end too because I knew it was inevitable that it was an ‘us’ thing to have to come out and talk about the things that we’ve talked about.”

One of the topics The singer discussed on her show was about why she and her husband decided to give their marriage a second chance. The couple had separated in August 2016 after a year of marriage because the athlete had cheated on his wife. However, at the end of 2017, the couple made a public announcement that they were going to renew their marriage.

Michael explained “Renewing the vows was a start, but we still had a lot of things that came up and issues that we had to deal with from that time on, and we just dealt with it,” One of the major reasons why the couple started finding their love back was when they realised they were expecting a baby boy. The actress and singer had announced the big news on one of her podcast episodes after she had suffered multiple miscarriages.

“It’s just been almost like our second chance where we’ve been able to, and he’s been able to do it the right way where the first one maybe he wasn’t in the right place or maybe wasn’t as present,” The actress explained to E! News. “Now I know I have a very present husband, so that makes this pregnancy feel more connected and more like a team.”

“I just think its—we have a greater appreciation for the miracle of having a baby because of what we’ve been through, what [Jana’s] been through with miscarriages. And I think anyone that’s been through that definitely can relate.” Jana’s husband added in a recent podcast.

Social media made their reconciliation journey very bumpy, and people had different opinions about them coming back together even though they already had a daughter.
One commenter said to Jana “how could you take back that cheater?” and some other people confidently told the actress “making a bad decision.” Jana and her husband have been able to give life to specific relationship topics via her iHeartRadio podcast.

The singer said “In the first couple of years, it’s not going to look like you’ll ever get there, but there’s always a silver lining, and that’s what we’re trying to tell people, I think people want to see relationships give it a chance and not just throw it away. We still have our days, but we’re able to verbalise now, like when triggers come up and things like that.”

The Hollywood couple has so much they want to teach their children when they grow up and start dating.

Michael regrets treating his wife as an enemy, but with the right support, he learnt that no issue couldn’t be settled verbally. For this reason, he’ll love to teach his kids the right way to treat their partners when they start dating.

“If you treat them with respect and as a human being, then you guys together can go through anything,” the athlete shared.

For Jana, she took the more accessible route of running away from issues that affected her negatively instead of tackling them.  “I think a good lesson for Jolie and our future son is just to be present and work on it if the other partner is willing to work too,” Jana explained. “Just be able to stay in the moment and fight for a love that you truly believe in.”

The couple is happy and proud of how far they have come even as they await the arrival of their son. “I admire Michael for coming out and talking about things and owning it, and then also becoming the person he wants to be because he could have easily just stayed in that unhealthy behaviour and not change. I admire the fight in him to not give up and to keep fighting for our family, fighting for himself and now what I really love is the fact that he owns it to help people,” Jana Said.

As for the former NFL player, he is more than grateful that his wife thought he deserved a second chance despite how much he hurt her. “10 out of 10 women would have probably left in Jana’s shoes and situation. But over time, she was able to see that she wanted to work on it. She wanted to fight, and against all family members, friends, everyone around her in her circle, against all their advice, she chose to stay,” Michael shared. “And that still blows my mind to this day.” The couple is happier now than they have ever been and they intend to keep things that way for as long as possible.


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