Japanese MP Who Wrote Anti LGBT Article Finally Addressed Uproar


Things are taking a different turn for the LGBT community around the world, and Japan is not left out. A Japanese member of Parliament who claimed in an article she wrote in June that same-sex marriage would ultimately destroy the society has finally spoken about the controversial article for the first time since it began to raise eyebrows.


Mio Sugita is a member of Japan’s ruling party, the liberal Democratic party. The member of Parliament sparked an international uproar following the release of an article she wrote in June titled “the level of support for LGBT is too high”.

In the rather lengthy piece of writing the member of Parliament said that public funds should not be spent on same-sex couples because according to her they are unproductive and cannot bear children of their own.

In the months following the publishing of the article, Sugita has kept mum on the issue despite the uproar it caused and the indefinite shutdown of the magazine in which the article was published.

According to reports by the Asahi Shimbun, Sugita decided to talk about the incident finally on the 24tj of October During an interview with reporters.

“I have taken seriously the fact that my comments triggered misunderstanding and controversy, and had offended or hurt some people,” the MP said.

“I had no intention at all to discriminate against same-sex couples or to deny their human rights.”

Despite the comment, she made to effort to go as far as issuing an apology or even retracting her statement.

The magazine where the article was published -Shincho 45- stirred up more controversy when they decided to publish a follow-up piece of writing in their October issue which they titled “Is Sugita’s article that outrageous?”

The follow-up caused an even higher outraged and that eventually led to the closure of the magazine by the publishing company.

Japan is the most LGBT+ accepting country in the whole of Asia, and her statement was damaging to alot of citizen and people who had access to the writing internationally. With same-sex marriage getting legal recognition in a total of eight cities and eight wards in Japan, the MP’s statement was a wrong move in whatever direction she was headed.

The Japanese authorities have begun the introduction of gender neutral school uniforms across Japan, and they have reached more than 40% of schools at the time of this publication. This new process has been met by negative feedback from the member of Parliament who questioned: “Why can’t we just stick to two sexes – male and female?”

In the article which she made sure was broad, she said if same-sex marriages were giving so much legal recognition, people would indirectly be encouraged to engage in incest, sex with objects, and bestiality.

She added that:  “If we recognise different sexual interests, then it will lead to calls for allowing marriage between siblings, marriages between parents and children, or even marriages to pets or machinery.”

After the article was published, the severe public uproar and protests around Japan were unavoidable, and a withdrawal of the statement or apology from the member of Parliament has been long expected.

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