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John Legend and Wife Address Kanye’s Twitter Rants


John Legend’s wife is known as the queen of savage responses however nobody saw it coming that john legend would become the king of “speaking my mind regardless of who it may concern”.

Even though john legend has a good relationship with Kanye West, he doesn’t speak for him, and he is not ready to pretend to do so.

Because we know Mr legend and Kanye West have an excellent friendship, one viewer of the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen decided to call on the show and ask Mr Legend what he feels about Kanye west polarised twitter posts.

In response to the question, Mr john legend said “Yeah, well, you know…When I see some of it, I just shake my head” adding that “A lot of people that love Kanye, that love his music, they’re like, ‘I don’t agree with a lot of the things he says.’ And, you know, he loves it. He says what he’s gonna say, and it’s on him. It’s weird, because I get asked about it all the time…I can’t be accountable for what he’s gonna say. Truly!”

John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen is a very active person on twitter, and she did not hesitate to express her feeling on the situation at hand. Chrissy jokingly said: “The roles are probably reversed in this!” however she realises the situation Kim Kardashian always finds herself whenever she’s on the Twitter space and her husband has gone on his usual twitter spree.

In Kim Kardashian’s defence, Chrissy Teigen said: “All you want to do is protect the person you are in love with and be able to defend them at all costs. It really is tough, because we all have our separate identities. We believe different things. As much as you love somebody, they’re going to eff up sometimes and they’re going to say weird things.”

Kim Kardashian has also taken the time to express herself with regards to her husband’s twitter issues. In her Monday appearance after the show, Kim said “He goes through phases. You know, he made a good point the other day. He was like, ‘Look, some people express themselves—whether it’s about a person, like, in diss records’—and he’s like, ‘I’ve never done that. Some folks see a therapist while others do this sort of thing. To me, Twitter is my therapy, and it’s legal. So, I’m not doing anything to hurt anyone. I’m not being irrational and doing something physical because I’m upset or frustrated…’ He’s like, ‘People can end up in jail for the things that I’m thinking, but instead I just tweet it all. It might be 150 tweets, but that’s how I get it out, and then I feel better, and then I’m over it for a while.'”