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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Set to Take on Parenting


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin recently tied the knot and are still enjoying their honeymoon, while one would have thought the pair would want to enjoy a few years alone before taking on parenting, Justin isn’t towing that lane.

Bieber has never hidden the fact that he wants to take on parenting at a young age. Now that he has a wife, The duo is set to start raising children of their own.

A source close to Justine revealed to Hollywoodlife in an exclusive interview that “Justin and Hailey are now enjoying an amazing love life together. Justin can’t wait to be a dad and Hailey is totally open to putting her career on hold for a pregnancy.”

The twenty-one years old model has been selective of what runways she walks on since she got together with her now-husband in June. Baldwin has since spent less time modelling and more time bonding with family and now ready to have a baby.

The insider added that “She loves Justin with all her heart and now that they are married, she really wants to be the mother of his baby. They are having lots of sex, and a baby could be right around the corner.”

Justin and Hailey secretly applied for a marriage certificate on the 13th of September in New York and also got married on the spot as they couldn’t wait for the big ceremony before they officially become man and wife. This need to have kids explains the rush to be wedded considering their age.

Bieber knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to go for it and being a father at a young age is one of them. He said it himself during a Q&A in March of 2016 with Glamour that his biggest wish was “To have a family of my own.” he also went further to state that he wanted children when he said, “I’d love to be settled down by the age of 30.” We can see Justin is a man of his words. He doesn’t only want to be known as a musician by his fans; he also wants to be called daddy.

This massive development is progress in the industry among young musicians.
Who knows? Others might follow suit.