JustRetweet Review: Best Twitter tool to Get Retweets and Twitter Followers

In my previous post i reviewed easyretweet a twitter retweet service, I am going to share with you another superb tool similar to easyretweet called justretweet and from the name you already know what it does.

If you are looking for referral traffic from social media sites such as Twitter then justretweet is one of the tools you should include in your campaign. Justretweet is used by some of the top bloggers you may have heard of or known, incase you have not then you must be a newbie blogger . here is my account with a 100k credits just by retweet other bloggers messages.

What exactly is Justretweet?

Justretweet is a twitter retweet service or tool whereby users are allowed to post their messages and get them retweeted or tweeted by other users to their fans and followers in exchange for credits. Justretweet just like other Twitter retweet tools and services use a credit system whereby you can purchase credits of different quantity some with bonus such as Blog engage account or extra credits.

You can also earn lots of credits by retweeting other people messages and tweets in exchange for credits which in turn you can use and post your own message, so others will retweet and earn credits.  I have over 50k credits in my account without buying 😎 , sometimes I help my Facebook friends get their post retweeted too.

just retweet

Benefits of Using Justretweet

There are lots of things you will benefit when you start using Justretweet, below I will outline just few benefits and you will find out the rest yourself when you start using it.

Traffic: This is every bloggers dream to receive unlimited traffic and with justretweet you have it.

Backlinks: Here you get backlink to your blog or website, easyretweet has similar set up. This can be found in your profile setting page.

Exposure: You get exposed to other bloggers, readers and potential customers when people like Ms. Ilean Smith, Growmap and the likes of them get your message across to their fans.

Why I Like Justretweet

If you you noticed, I said I have 50k credits right there with screenshots that is to show you how active I am there. Infact Mr. Fong should make me a power users 🙂 .

Spam Free: This is one of the tools i have seen that is SPAM FREE,  you are allowed to post just one message very 24hrs though sometimes I find it annoying :-p .

Schedule Tweets: Well thanks to this feature twitter should have taken me to court for EXECESSIVE Tweets, you know what i mean. With this feature you can tweet more than 50 tweets at once from your justreweet dashboard and they go live on your twitter timeline after 15 minutes or so though you can change the time frame.

Thanks for reading, do me a favor and share this post with your readers.  You can leave a comment on this too.


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