Kangpe Is A Medical Consulting App That Connects You To Real Doctors!


Nigerians really don’t like visiting the hospitals, I can tell because I’m a Nigerian and can hardly remember the last time I visited the hospital on my own accord. This is partially because Nigerians value their privacy, and the high cost of medical consultancy in this pretty hard economic times.

To help connect doctors to folks in need of medical help, Kangpe was made.
KangpeKangpe tries to bridge the gap between doctors and clients who would rather remain private about their identities while getting the right medical help they need. Kangpe also curbs the menace of buying cards, and standing in long queues before you consult a medical doctor.
KangpeKangpe gives you access to quality health advice from over 500 qualified and verified doctors, who are always available to answer your questions 24/7.

Questions only cost ₦200 and users can pay with their bank cards or airtime recharge cards directly on the website.
KangpeVisit www.kangpe.com to get access to real Doctors or download the Andriod App (Kangpe) from the playstore or here by clicking on this link.