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Kim Kardashian Suffers Mum Shaming

In recent times, women have complained a lot about body shaming, and we are currently doing everything possible to see how we can put a stop to this wickedness. But something else that people are beginning to do is mum shaming other women especially those that are celebrity mums.

There is no amend to this act known as mum shaming. Celebrity mums have been at the receiving end of mum shaming especially because they have their lives under the microscope of the media.

Kim Kardashian has become the recent example of this heartbreaking trend, the reality TV start came under fire for letting her 5-year-old daughter, North West, put on lipstick. We understand that North West might be too young to wear lipstick, but the question remains do people have the right to make such a huge fuss about it?

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has been mom shamed for her extravagant parenting style.

Sometime in 2018, Kim Kardashian was called out on social media for straightening her young daughter’s hair. One Instagram follower even went as far as telling Kim Kardashian that she could feel the heat damage from where she was, and Kim should leave her daughter’s hair alone so that northwest could decide to damage it when she gets older.

Another follower said in a comment that the poor baby girls cross patterns is going to be all jacked up due to the heat damage that Kim Kardashian was putting on her hair at such a young age.

Some other people especially Kim Kardashian fans were of the opinion that it was the reality TV star’s personal parenting choice to straighten her daughter’s hair, so she had every right to do what she wanted. In an interview with Hollywood reporters, Kim Kardashian said North West wanted straight hair, and she has a mother decided to straighten her daughter’s hair for that one time.

It was funny to Mrs West because everyone online believed that she pressed her daughter’s hair and did the entire thing. But in reality, it was just a flat iron.

Kim reported that she even read on social media that our daughter had extensions on, but the fact remains that northwest has very curly hair and once it is straightened out it would look very long as their extensions were attached to it. Kim added that it is difficult to believe that people do not get how long a person’s hair can be when straightened.

And sometimes all she has to do is to tune it out. From the mother’s report northwest only wanted her hair straightened for her birthday and Kim Kardashian could not say no to her daughter’s request.

Kim Kardashian has been highly criticised for allowing her daughter to wear makeup

Kim Kardashian shared a photo of northwest last fall season applying some of her makeup on as we all know every girl child at some point finds herself playing with mummies makeup so it was nothing to be ashamed of.

Kim shared a video of the situation on her Instagram story where her daughter was wearing one of her beautiful lipsticks; the video was captioned ” North wearing #6 in the new classic blossom collection. Relax mum shamers; it’s coming off in a few minutes. I needed a bribe to get out the door. Do you feel me?!

North’s church look is also one thing that Kim Kardashian has been mum slammed about as well.

Kim Kardashian West also shared a photograph of northwest wearing lipstick during a family photo shoot. The proud mother later shared additional video footage of her daughter having a lot of fun dancing during a church service, but it was noticed that the little girl was wearing dark lipstick. And Kim Kardashian did not escape mum shaming this time.

While the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and music star Kanye West looks free spirited and cheerful in all of the shared videos and photos people did not see that her favourite part of the week was dancing during church service instead they took the opportunity to mum shame Kim Kardashian one more time.

A lot of followers complained about how it was inappropriate for North West to be putting on makeup at such a young age especially to church. Some others talked about how she was dressed like a teenager instead of a young child that she is all of this was just an attempt to make Kim Kardashian feel less of a mum and probably not allow our daughter express herself the way she would want to.

On the flip side of the coin, as expected, some followers strongly stand behind Kim Kardashian and do not hold back to leave comments to show support for her. Some of them have talked about how they feel the reality TV star is only allowing a child express herself the best way possible and the best thing other social media followers can do is to mind their own business and families.

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