Kim Zolciak-biermann Shares What Her Husband’s Thoughts Are on Her Breast Reduction

Looking for an actress in Hollywood who is 100% at keeping it real? It’s Kim Zolciak Biermann.

Just a few weeks after Zolciak revealed the outcome of her breast reduction surgery, the star is letting us know what her husband’s reaction to the new pair of boobs is.

The star from real housewives from Atlanta said in her podcast called House of Kim that “It’s like you know what, I’m 40, I’m tired, my back is a little sore. Kroy the whole time has not been that happy about it.”

But, Kory Biermann said, “I’m not against it.”

However, the “Don’t be tardy” star mentioned that her husband misses her old pair of breasts.

The ex NFL player agreed that “I loved them. And I’m sure I’m gonna love these too.”

Kim Zolciak Biermann revealed on her Instagram earlier this month that she had joined the “itty bitty titty committee” with the help of Dr Leonard Hochstein.

Zolciak shared on her podcast today that her boobs have reduced to a size D and she is super excited about it.

She mentioned that “I felt like as I kind of got older, my boobs went from being down under my throat to being by my belly button, so now, they’re back up at my throat. I’m good, and they are so cute girl, and so perky!”

Despite how excited Kim is about the good outcome of the reduction surgery, she made sure to warn her fans that there is a recovery period that usually follows. Zolciak is a fortunate person however as she already feels better within just a few days.

“I was only on the [pain] meds for three days, then I was on Advil for two days, and I haven’t taken anything for a day and a half,” the reality TV star explained.

In these days where everybody wants to get bigger boobs and spend more money on implants, it is a unique step Kim has taken to get a reduction.