Konga Mega Monday Madness 2015 Offers 80% off Deals For 4-hours


Konga is set to upset the Nigerian online shopping schedule once again with a new offering happening on 12th October 2015 (mark the date) called Konga Mega Monday Madness! The online shopping giant are expecting to offer mouth watering ‘one of a kind’ discount to shoppers on 12th October being Monday for just 4-hours!.

The deal is simple, you are expected to have already signed up on Konga and filled up your details appropriately and wait for the one-of-it’s kind shopping spree happening soon.
konga mega monday

4-hours of total mega shopping madness!

The Konga Mega Monday Madness will hold from 10A.M to 2P.M (4 hours) on Monday, and you guessed, it’s going to be a first come first serve basis. The items on display will have some crazy deals which you can find exclusively on the Konga Mega Monday page, and all with a catch of course… first to shop gets it! So in summary, it’s a fastest fingers first kinda deal, just like what happened during the Yakata and black Friday deals. Also goods on displayed will be of limited stock to make it pretty competitive.
konga mega monday sales
To get you in the right mood for a competitive shopping, Konga is teasing BlackBerry Q10 worth 40,000 Naira and asking how much you think it will be up for sale at? The Sony PS4 is one of the most revered gaming gadgets in the world today, Konga also plans on doing magic with it too, as it’s on a teaser as well. The PS4 is currently worth about 99,000 Naira, but then expect some heavy slashing just like the Black Christmas period where the PS4 which was worth 120,000 Naira was massively slash priced to just 40,000Naira!

As an added something, the number 1 online shopping portal in Nigeria shopKonga will also offer an extra 5% discount to shoppers who purchase on the store using the company’s payment solution dubbed KongaPay. There’s also a 500Naira sign up bonanza for using Konga Pay.

To get started, click to visit the Konga mega monday madness page and bookmark/ save the page. It’s just 2days left, get ready to enjoy massive discounts for just 4-hours!.