Landscaper in Georgia Refuses to Offer Service to Gay Couple


A landscape gardener has come under fire for refusing to offer his services to a gay couple because he is not in support of same-sex marriages.

The CEO of a landscape design known as botanical Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia, Stuart DiNenno has drawn some negative attention to himself for his alleged discriminatory conduct.


According to Towleroad reports, OK couple from sand spring in Georgia who are yet to be identified publicly had inquired for the services of the landscaper but they were shot by his homophobic response which wasn’t expected.

In a yelp review recently, one of the couples explained that “Contacted [the company] today about a huge project in Sandy Springs. The owner asked if the work was for my wife and me, I said no me and my husband, and he replied that he wouldn’t be interested in working with us.”

One would expect a conflict between the story told by the couple and the story to be supposed from DiNenno but surprisingly the landscaper confirmed that the story from the couple was true.

In response, DiNenno said: “Yes, this is an accurate description of what happened.

“When doing a large landscaping project, it is necessary to work with the homeowners closely over several months through the design and installation phases.”

“I can’t do that, all the while going along with the delusion of two men calling themselves a married couple, with one man referring to the other man as his husband. It’s very perverse and foolish, and needs to be called out as such.”

Other social media posts from DiNenno suggests that he “refuse[s] to deal with sodomite ‘couples’ from whom I do get inquiries occasionally.”

However, the landscape gardener did not respond to requests for comment immediately.

It is worthy of note that there is no anti-discrimination or pro-LGBT law covering Georgia as a state. But, in Atlanta there is a city-wide pro LGBT law that protects the rights of gay people.

in the wake of the review posted by one of the gay couple DiNenno’s yelp page has been flooded with lots of negative reviews and comments

One commenter wrote: “In many cases of outrage, there are two sides to every story… [but] this time, it’s much easier than that. Botanica Atlanta Landscape Design thought it was okay to not only carry the believe that two men that are in love are not only delusional of their matrimony, but evidently not deserving of landscaping services as a result.”

“AND the owner of this business solidified that believe and policy in the form of a retaliatory Yelp review response. It’s disgusting, quite frankly. Therefore, I cannot safely recommend this business to anyone. There’s no telling whether you will receive their services anyway, since who they serve and do business with is contingent on fleeting, bigoted beliefs. In the event you’re in the market for landscaping services, my suggestion is that you take that business elsewhere.”

Another commenter added that: “Excuse me Stuart but marriage equality is a legal marriage. You just crashed your business because this couple could have sent you loads of new clients and instead you sent yourself into bankruptcy.
Most of the people that support your opinions don’t landscape around the abandoned car in front of their double wide.”

Republicans in congress have managed to fight hard enough to prevent LGBT+ anti-discrimination laws to cover the entire state of Georgia. But until there is a general LGBT+ anti discriminatory law nation wide, more cases like this are likely to come up.

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