Latest Upcoming Gadgets for Your Car


It could have been argued some few decades ago that future technologies as always depicted in science fiction movies are just but wishful thinking you will definitely need to think again when upcoming car gadgets are anything to go by. Perhaps, the science function movies genre could have come at the right time as a prediction of future possibilities and because someone be thinking of an explosive invention in the automobile industry that is set to transform the meaning of mobility. While some scientific possibilities and imaginations have remained elusive, some have actually come to pass. From manual transmission cars to automatic transmission cars, what was only imagine became a reality and the meaning of changing gears was redefined.

Latest Upcoming Gadgets for Your Car

Why Upcoming Car Gadget Will Inevitably Transform Automobile Industry

For many years, inventions have come and gone and times keep changing with new things and trends taking center-stage. This means, there could be hundreds of upcoming car gadgets which we ought to give a closer consideration and the impacts they will bring forth to the automobile world because it will be a necessity to book driving test to keep up with these new technologies set to transform the automobile industry. When the manual transmission cars were replaced by automatic transmission cars, it became necessary for many to book driving test to stay up to date with the new development. To this end, there is no doubt that even better and perhaps complicated car gadgets are in the tunnels of innovation.

Future Electric Cars Fueled By Nano-Batteries

Something tiny and long lasting remains a central focus of an Israeli based University professor to change the future automobile industry for good. This is probably one of those many dreams bordering on invention that will come to pass. Israel has led many fronts in alternative energy research. With such in mind, we could be headed for the next big thing when humans will have to adopt a more environmentally friendly electric cars fueled by nano-batteries. This will definitely bring an end to using petroleum for automobile propulsion. One will need to book driving test to keep abreast with this technology.

The Mobileye Car Gadget

We could have probably heard of the American drones being propelled remotely without anyone on-board. Automobile industry could also be headed for the same when an Israeli based automobile manufacturing company, Telsa Auto makes good its innovation. The world is set to witness cars plying the routes without anyone behind the wheels because the mobileye gadget will just be enough to serve what a driver would be needed to do including making emergency breaks to avoid danger.

Inflatable Fuloon Back Seat Mattress

We could be headed for some of the biggest mind-blowing automobile technologies that humans could have only predicted and thought only possible in science fiction movies. Something comfortable could be in the offing and most probably designed to suit every car. With Fuloon back seat center-fold mattress, your car could just be another mobile paradise to provide you with the relaxation you always wished for after a long day at work.