Laughing Gas and Frogs

Laughing Gas

One evening, shortly after dinner, during what we refer to as “winding down time,” some noxious fumes began to fill the air after a loud trumpet of 9 year-old-boy gas boomed through the silence.

His younger brother, 2 years old at the time, bursts into a fit of giggles, which of course are highly contagious, and soon we are all giggling. We giggled so hard that our cheeks and sides ached, and everyone went to bed feeling good.

That was the night the boys decided they “fart laughing gas” and life has not been the same since. In fact, that was the moment I realized how incredibly important a sense of humor is when raising children, especially boys, because the next morning everyone awoke in a good mood with no fuss or muss over getting ready for the day.

In the adult world there are so many things that can be taken for granted, and even more reasons to be upset, sad, or angry.

It is easy to get busy with work and extra-curricular activities and forget to laugh together. Finding humor in the ordinary parts of life helps to alleviate those negative responses so that children can see that meeting stressful moments with a sense of humor can help to ease that stress.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and when those frogs that were caught by the pond are accidentally released indoors, laughter is going to be the best way to help chase them down and scoot them back outdoors.

Scooting appeared to be the most successful approach at that moment anyway! There is plenty to be serious about; find all the humor you possibly can with the children.

One of my favorite parts about these boys is that they find humor in so much. Sure, I am teaching them about good manners, and how there is a time and place for everything.

Home is where we can laugh at our gassy moments, and home is where we can accidentally let loose the pollywogs that turned into frogs (much faster than expected).

Of course, there are times when all it takes is a child’s laughter to brighten someone else’s day as well, and in those moments I believe it is just fine to relax and laugh a little.

Boys will be boys, from skinned knees to fart bombs, from pollywogs to crazed frogs who just want outside. Let those moments bring laughter into your life and you will feel the improvements.

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