Leak: Oneplus 5T Live Images Surface Ahead of Official Launch


Presently, in China’s tech (smartphone) space, the most anticipated device can be safely said to be the OnePlus 5T. This is very understandable because ever since the OnePlus 1 happened, the Chinese people (and the world) couldn’t get enough. Plus, OnePlus didn’t relax too. They displayed nothing but constantly improving A-game on subsequent devices.

Enough with the OnePlus eulogy, let’s get down to what really is up.

TheOnePlus 5T has been given a November 16 official launch date by the Chinese company. But as usual, understanding the level of anxiety of smartphone lovers all across the globe, some individual who had access to the phone have leaked live images of the OnePlus 5T.

Side note: Not sure if you know, but those interested in attending the November 16 launch event of the OnePlus 5T are required to pay a fee of $40 (NGN 14,400).

*Spoiler alert: It’s a beauty!

The OnePlus 5T in its package

The image above is shows the OnePlus 5T in the traditional Red and White OnePlus’ package. Also visible are the USB Type-C cable and the charger adapter (called the dash charger) that enables quicker charge of the device’s 3,300 mAh battery.

The OnePlus 5T user manual

The user manual (reviewer’s guide as labelled above) have also been leaked. Opening the reviewer’s guide reveals the official specifications which goes perfectly in line with many rumours and leaks of the OnePlus 5T that have surfaced in the past.

The spec sheet in the above image confirms that the OnePlus 5T will truly launch with 6GB of RAM (while there will also be an 8GB RAM version), a 2.45 GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 835 processor and a 6.01 inches Full HD AMOLED display protected by the latest version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass (5).

OnePlus 5T (Left) and OnePlus 5 (Right)

The OnePlus 5T retains the same Android v7.1.1 operating system as the OnePlus 5. This is quite sad as my hopes (and that of many others) were towards an Android Oreo OS on the OnePlus 5T. I guess that won’t be happening until later next year.

While the leaked images and specs have reduced about half the anxiety ahead of the OnePlus 5T official launch, details about the price of the device (which is somehow equally as important as the features) is yet to be known. Till November 16, we may never get to know.


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