LG is About to Introduce its Own Smartphone AI. Here is What it Looks Like


We live in an era where artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and taking over spaces all over the world. This technology is finding its way into every part of our lives and technology companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. are not letting this piece of sumptuous cake pass them by.

Google’s digital assistant is already doing fine on Android devices, and Google home, Apple’s Siri is getting more intelligent, and rendering serves to its full potential on Apple devices, Amazon’s Alexa, being the youngest of them all is actually getting up to speed faster than expected and window’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby and so many unpopular ones are out there helping humans solve their problems the AI way.

It hasn’t been long ago we learnt that LG is coming up with its own AI system which it has been researching for more than a year and will finally be introducing the product in the forthcoming 2018 MWC holding on February in Barcelona.

LG’s AI system which will be implemented on their smartphones will focus on creating AI-based solutions to the unique and more intuitive user experience.

The AI system will also focus on camera and voice recognition. The outcome hopefully will provide a suite of AI technology that is dedicated to effectively meeting the needs and usage behaviour of today’s LG smart product users.

Vision AI

The new LG AI technology will comprise of a technology called vision AI. This will build and enhance the already impressive list of camera features that have been working already on the LG V30; these include;  dual lenses, wide-angle low-distortion lenses, and the all-glass crystal clear lens.

Vision AI when at work will analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode from eight available modes which includes; food, pet, landscape, city,  sunset etc. For example, pointing the camera at a plate of food will automatically switch the camera into food mode which will result in a warmer colour, and heightened sharpening to give you the most appetizing shot possible. The Vision AI when analyzing will also put into consideration the angle, colour, reflection, backlighting and saturation levels to analyze images in its database to determine what the camera is focusing on.

To achieve such a robust database to pull data from during image analysis, LG partnered with a company that specializes in such things to analyze over 100 million images to complete the set up of the AI’s image recognition algorithms. The images were categorized into one thousand unique image categories which help better the shooting mode recommendations giving by the AI.

Vision AI also provides a feature that’s of immense help to shoppers. Pointing your camera at an object will automatically use the Vision AI to scan through the products QR codes, initiate an image search immediately and provide details, shopping options like where to purchase the product for the lowest price possible, and it will also give you a list of related products.

Finally, the vision AI also helps brighten images when shooting in a low light condition. The new low-light shooting mode when the camera detects the light condition and switches to it, the camera automatically brightens the image by a factor of two.

Voice AI

The new LG AI system will not only focus on camera system which will be enhanced with the vision AI mentioned above. Another new feature is called the Voice AI.

Voice AI allows users to run apps and change settings through voice commands. This will be working hand in hand with Google’s assistant who is available for all Android devices. There are 32 LG exclusive Voice Ai commands which were previously scaled up from 23 commands available in 2017.

With voice AI, you don’t need to search through your device menu options, and it also allows for direct selection of specific functions.

LG has announced that while they work on expanding its AI capabilities, it will also continue working to make better the already existing features to make them more convenient to use.

LG’s new AI features will not only be limited to new forthcoming LG smartphones, but existing LG smartphones will still get its share of the AI through OTA updates while considering smartphone’s hardware specifications and stability, making sure old and already released smartphones won’t start bugging out after updates are applied.

In conclusion, LG’s senior president stated that creating smarter smartphones will be the company’s focus going forward and that LG is confident that consumers will appreciate the advanced user experience that this new AI features will be adding to the LG line of smartphones.


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