Lil Wayne Talks About His Suicide Attempt at the Age of 12 and How He Might Date Nicki Minaj


With the recent increase in celebrity suicide rate, Lil Wayne has decided to talk about his suicide attempt at the age of 12 in one of the songs in his long-awaited Tha Carter V album that will be released by the end of September.

According to his new billboard cover story that was released on Thursday, the article states that when Wayne was 12, he found a gun in his mother’s home “and shot himself in the chest, just missing his heart,”

Wayne had always claimed it was an accident, but in an unnamed track in the yet to be released album, billboard said he “admits this was a suicide attempt, undertaken after his mother told him he would no longer be allowed to rap,”

In an interview with Billboard, Mack Maine who doubles as president of Young Money Entertainment and Wayne’s longtime friend said “He just told me one day that he was ready to address it now, Just being an adult, reaching a level of maturity and comfort where it’s like, ‘I want to talk about this because I know a lot of people out here might be going through that.'”

Lil Wayne’s mom allowed him join the cash money team after he recovered from the gunshot on the condition that he couldn’t swear.

During the interview with Bill board, Wayne also talked about his recently settled legal battle with Bird man and how it has affected their relationship and his relationship with other people.

Wayne said: “Not even just with him, but my relationships with a lot of people have become different, just because of how different I work now. I’m submerged in everything about myself, trying to be better at who I am. It’s something where you have to cut some things off.”

He also shared his thoughts on the success of young money stars Nicki Minaj and Drake saying:  “They all the way — they got it. They know how to make them joints that y’all going to be runnin’ to. I’m something else with my music.”

He adds, “I’m coming straight at Drake’s and Nicki’s neck, Lord have mercy. I’m talkin’ ’bout machetes. I’ma out-sing Drake, I’ma date Nicki. It’s goin’ down.”

And if Wayne is considering retirement, he said “I do think about retirement, I think about how I don’t think I ever will.”


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