7 Luxury Helicopters in the World

Luxury Helicopters in the World
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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like flying over the city?

Well, a helicopter might just be the thing for you as long as you have enough finance to maintain one, paying for insurance, and be ready to fix anything that looks worn out, causing the components of helicopters to have a life span that should not be exceeded.

Seeing the world from about 50 feet above is an amazing thing, so if you are looking at getting one, you have come to the right place.

Usually, helicopter owners are amateur pilots, that is they go to schools to learn how to fly a copter as it’s a way of cutting down cost, as in the case of cars where you have more if private drivers, so also you have them in helicopters,

So helicopters are types of rotorcrafts that’s uses lift and thrust supplied by the rotors which allow it to take off and land vertically, it’s a good choice for congested areas as it can maneuver easily seemingly congested or isolated areas, I’ll share with us some helicopter that could meet our needs.

1. Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145

If you are someone like me who loves Benz, then you would love the Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145, as it gives you the best in elegance, comfort, and an exquisite look.

The Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145 is just the best choice for you, the interior of this beauty gives its customer a taste of the classic passion of the Benz design, which covers the highest taste of customers when you are looking at comfort, elegance, quality, and a luxurious look.

The seats are designed on tracks and can easily be rearranged to carry six passengers which cover for either executive needs, or family vacation, it carries two rear clamshell doors which makes loading easy and gives a good exit.

The Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145 is a medium sized elite product with twin engine which proves to be the excellent match for a standard Benz style.

This beauty combines the technological and innovative pattern of Eurocopter with the exquisite taste of Benz giving it a leading design for cutting edge technology, its ambient lighting style, it’s deluxe materials, and elegant woods makes for a familiar look similar to that of its car design.

The exterior shows the effort of the team to really capture the Benz look, with a front end custom sound shrouding which enables it to absorb energy.

It also packs an advanced cockpit design and an advanced autopilot system with avionics which makes the flight crew fully focused on the operating environment, pricing for this Airbus starts at $8.5million.

2. AgustaWestland AW101

The AgustaWestland is a medium-lift helicopter which is applicable for both military and civil use.

It was developed by a joint venture of the Westland helicopters of the United Kingdom and The Italian Agusta, and it was first flown in 1987 to meet with the societal need for a modern naval utility helicopter with the speed of 281kmph.

The tank can be refuelled in mid-air and has the capacity to carry two machine guns on either side.

It is designed to hold two pilots, accommodate 10 VVIPs, or hold 30 military commanders; this feature makes it the largest copter in its class cause of the nature of its large cabin as passengers can walk in the cabin which can be filled with many other types of equipment.

It runs on a three General Electric CT7-6 turboshaft engines. Each of these engines is fueled through a specific self-sealing fuel tank with double booster pumps packed with a crossfeed system.

These three fuel tanks can all together hold 3,222 litres of fuel with its extra fourth tank which acts as a reservoir. It’s priced at $12 million.

3. MD 600N

Maybe you want something a bit smaller?

Then the MD 600N would be a good pick; it is a light helicopter designed for civilians in the United States, had its first flight on 22 of November 1994.

The MD 600N is an upgraded version of the MD 520N which extended from 5 passengers to 8 passengers, it has a capacity to runs at a Maximum speed of 152 knots (175 mph, 282 km/h), it’s enhanced by a six-blade main rotor system this gives it an outstanding handling qualities making it exceptionally agile and smooth.

Research shows that about 21% of accident is as a result of impact with external object or tail rotor failure, so the tail rotor was eliminated and replaced with a NOTAR system, priced at $1.9 million.

4. Bell 525 Relentless

Bell 525 Relentless is an American design which is still under development, and it’s designed to hold up to 19 passengers.

It’s ARC Horizon flight deck system guarantees unrivalled crew awareness through the use of well-equipped avionics flight deck with an enhanced fly-by-wire flight control system, resulting In a high level of safety and mission accomplishment ranging from search and rescue to flying VIPs.  Priced at $15 million

5. Eurocopter Hermes EC 135

The Eurocopter EC135 had its first flight on 15 of February 1994 with about 1,300 produced from then till 2018. It is a civil light utility copter powered by a twin set of engine, making it capable of flying under the instrument flight rules (IFR).

Its flight controls systems are digitally automated. Usually, it’s used for helicopter emergency medical services or corporate transport e.t.c.

Out of the 1,300, Eurocopter partnered with the French Couture Hermes to fashion a more luxurious interior; the seats are made of calf leather. Also, a pair of binoculars was given, a well-designed canvas in the interior, and leather-trimmed controls.

It said to be the quietest of its class, and it’s designed to hold five passengers and two pilots. Priced at $6 million

6. Sikorsky S-92 VVIP Configuration

This is a multi-mission aircraft which has the capacity to hold up to 9 passengers, it is world-renowned for its unique aviation models and versatility, it has a custom made toilet and even a shower possibility, said to be one of the safest copters, built with a twin-engine, this specially built for civil and military use. Priced at $17 million

7. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

This is a utility tactical transport aircraft system designed for the US army, it runs on a twin engine and has four blades, the name Black Hawk was derived from the Native American war leader Black Hawk.

It was introduced in 1979 and has been serving the US army ever since. It is known for its durability and its high capacity to journey in and out of the toughest areas priced at $21.3 million.

This is just a few out of the amazing helicopters that had been produced, and I assure you one of these is well built to meet various needs at various levels.

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