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How to make money online as a Nigerian Legally

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I started Blogging late 2010 after and made my first €50 in 2012 later that year I sold out the blog for $400 which was used to invest in my new blog.

There are different ways Nigerians can make money online legally though there are challenges here and there but if you put your mind into it you will overcome. Below are 3 ways I make money online and you can too.

make money online

Ppc Advertising:

Pay per click advertising (ppc) is one of the simplest way you can make money online, there’s no work needed from you.

All you have to do is set up a money making blog and apply for an account on any of the pay per click advertising company, when you get accepted input the code in your site and allow your readers do the work.

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Examples of ppc companies that I have used are: Google adsense,, Infolinks and Chitika ads Networks.

Affiliate Program:

Affiliate marketing is referred to promoting someone else’s products and services for a commission. To me it’s the hardest because it’s easy to convince people to buy a product or service from your link.

As a Nigerian there are things you need to know like payment issues, approval process and lots of different things. For this reason I will list out some of the companies that accept Nigerians.






Apart from these companies listed above you can join some other ones that decided to manage their affiliate program without giving it to a company.

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There are some products and services you use and they have affiliate programs, which you can join and promote the service or product if you are happy with it. As you can see I use Arvixe Web Hosting for my blogs and that is what i recommend to people and when they buy from my affiliate link I get paid $70 about N12,000 by Arvixe for bringing new customer.

Sponsored Post:

you can make money online legally by offering sponsored post or review on your blog, all you need is a good blog, niche and rank and companies will start paying you to buy links, pay for sponsored post or review.

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Offering Services:

You can make money online by offering yourself to others and getting paid for it, sometimes last year I paid $60 for customization of my blog, now that is a cool cash don’t you think?

I also offer Free WordPress setup for people who purchased their hosting need through my affiliate link since the company is paying me the service is free, domain purchase is one of my experience.

These are the few ways I am money online legally as a Nigerian, I hope this helps. Always follow for more information

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  2. Bodin says

    This is really powerfull post and usefull soo inspiring for us, Because of the money mania, every blogger and web publishers eager to earn some money, however, they do not know what is the best way to make money online. I think your ideas can help them to get solution. Thank you for your best posting.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      thanks for the compliment, everyone needs a guide to start

      1. Bodin says

        Very strong ideas we get from your posts …
        Thanks you Soo Much Mastah ( Indonesian Poeple Called Master Blogger as Mastah …He,,he,,he,, )

  3. athar says

    Nice methods for making money online and i think these methods are trusted.also blogging is s good method for make money online

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